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my favorite episode is the first one and the episode with will and mr. adams in the plane.

oh and another one where will plays ashleys father and then will is flirting with mrs.

sharp. :clap:

Ms Sharp "Mr Banks"

Will "Raul Please"

That made me laugh

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Today I saw both The first ever episode and the final one - both classics

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lol yeah, they get to the last episode and u think they are gonna stop now, but nope straight back to the first 1 again, probably bcoz when they cancelled it for 6 weeks i complained haha.

I saw 1 with mimi mumford 2day and Dr No.

Carlton " and where did u come from"

Will " the state penn"

Carlton " no penn state!"


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I hate to back julie up on this (only jokin :thumb: )

but the quote she posted is defo in the episode

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In one of the episodes Will is sitting in the livingroom, and someone else in the family(guess it's Hilary) says something about how much money they have.

Will: If we have so much money... (looking up at the lamps the camera team uses) how come we can't afford no cealing

:hilarious: :hilarious:

sorry if i didn't spell cealing right.... I ment the inside of a roof... i hope u understand..

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