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I know I had your back on that one

also in one of the episodes today will and his friend IceTray were talking about all of will's ex's one who was names Julie - is she not telling us something ??

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my favourite joke is when someone asks ashley's stupid boyfriend if he is hungry and he answers: "sometimes"

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(From the Boyz In The Woods episode)

Carlton; carltons log will has become a pathetic shell of his former self i on the other hand have the strength of 10 men.

Will; Will's log is about to connect with carlton's head!!! :lolsign:

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The Earthquake Episode where he's stuck in basement with Kathleen.

"Im stuck in a basement sittin on a tricycle, girl gettin on my nerves..

Goin outta my mind, I thought she was fine, Dont know if her Body is hers."

HAHAHAH I LOVE IT! :lolsign:

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I forget the name of the episode but it's the one where Jazz was staying with them when Geoffrey got sick and he and Will were arguing:

Will: I bust my hump at school all day while you sit at home watching soap operas and eating bon bons

Jazz: well maybe it's because you never take me out anymore!

Will: Well I would if you fixed yourself up a little...wait a minute why are we arguing? we sound like a old married couple

Jazz: so now I'm old? :roll:

Jeff had some of the funniest lines on FPOBA

I remember that episode. As I've been reading through these, I've been LMAO remembering them.

Great idea!

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