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  1. i think yall have been callin in or somethin cuz theyve been playing jjfp ALOT!! thanks peeps
  2. episode where will/jazz/carlton are stuck in the elavator during their way to the bachelor party Will:WE'RE SAVED!!! Jazz: WE'RE GONNA LIVE!! Carlton: ONE MORE CHANCE TO DO THE WILD THING!!!!
  3. nah they play the stuff i requested they play da good stuff too im just saying i aint been hearing too much jjfp lately
  4. this stuff is da bomb! backspin on channel 43 on sirius plays nothing but ol skool hip hop and i want yall to help me by calling in if you have SIRIUS and requesting dj jazz jeff/fresh prince songs, they barely play em but ive been requesting "summertime" and "parents just dont understand" these 2 weeks and they dont seem to play em, please help us spread jazz and prince into people's homez!! :werd:
  5. it was one of the eps during the will/beuhlah times. lmao at beulah. who was played by nia long
  6. *ring* Will(picks up phone):hello this is burger world, whats ya beef?
  7. Dana Dane said they copied of his song "nightmares" but they dont sound too alike
  8. didnt even kno they dropped remixes, ill have to check em, this they best song by far
  9. my favorite episode is "72 hours" where carlton stays at jazz's hood due to a bet. Phillip: Will, why do i always ahve to be the heavy? Will: *stares at phil* you know what im not even gonna say nothing, im in enough trouble as it is ------------ C-Note(carlton):yo wussup prince C-note:yo prince why you dissin me? jazz: even im beginnning to like him c-note:they love me Tiny: yo i hate school words, they make me mad!!! (somebody):you gonna tell me how to run my bidnezz? c-note:yo i can get 20 for this china doll ---------- Phillip:Will, im going to be on you like a shadow... Will: Uncle Phil, wit you wouldnt it be more like an eclipse? phil:just for that little crack i am making myslef assistant amnager will:aw man, i knew one fat jokes too many! and i got many many more quotes, this is my all time favorite show, best there is out there, btu im pissed cuz TBS took it off! i liekd watching it in the noon
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