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Michael Jackson Dies At 50

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I'm also wondering if anyone has the song he did with Akon (not the 2008 version of "You Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'"...the new one) and "Let Me Let Go." I need 2 make a new MJ mix with the quickness.

It makes u think about the future of his music. MJ fans are faced with what all music fans deal with when one of their favorite artists passes away. Does this mean no more music EVER? Does this mean more music...and if so because the artist didn't finish their project, how will the music suffer (if it suffers at all). MJ has recorded hundreds of songs, probably thousands. And as we heard on The Ultimate Collection, some of the unreleased stuff is album quality...and some of it is incredibly rough and dated. And remix albums are a whole other story. And they'll probably hit us with another Greatest Hits album even tho' they've given us a few already.

One thing is for sure. 1 more studio album of original material is due. Let the people that he was working with and/or worked with in the past complete and fine tune the project for the holiday season.

It just doesn't make sense for MJ not 2 be here. He was rehearing for this new tour...nobody saw this coming.

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You know, it sounds harsh, but when some celebrities die, I just say RIP and dont pay it no mind after that. With MJ, I feel the knot in my stomach tightening by the second, I still cant come to terms with it...

Jackson 5 -The Love You Save my fave J5 song of all time.

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As you can all tell from my avater Michael Jackson is my favorite artist of all time and i asm extrealy upset to hear about his passing away. I (Like many other people) grew up with his music and it's a real shame that he's no longer with us. Infact i can't even listen to his music right now as it's too upsetting for me

Mike may be gone but his music will live on forever

R.I.P Mike. You'll be greatly missed

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I was sitting through the end of Terminator Salvation at the cinema when i found out. Got a txt and the end of the film is kind of a blur now. Was hard to concentrate.

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His father really ruined him. I think that's the saddest part of it all. He died, as a lonely person.

I wish he would've had some closure, or peace. All he got was no childhood and bad press for his entire lifetime.

And all of that for the god of music. We people really don't deserve much. We can't even appreciate eachother.

I'm pretty certain that he's a great and innocent guy full of love. I think his childhood, the lack of it, made him look

weird to many of us. I always viewed him innocent. The fact that people used that innocence to make him look guilty was pretty horrible.

I would've counted myself extremely lucky to stay at Neverland as a kid, extremely lucky.

I don't know why his skin bleeched through the years, wether it was a disease or because of plastic surgery, but it's pretty sad nonetheless.

He was an extremely handsome kid through his Thriller, Bad years. Whoever teased MJ about his face should be shot dead.

People judge so easily, yet never really see the point of view as others.

A part of my childhood died today. RIP MJ.

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@ Lerkot: Thats what I think too. I will miss him tho.

If you turn on television, its everywhere, havent seen that much media coverage since 9/11.. It just proves how big of a start he realy was.

I dont think he died as a lonely man. He had a lot of friends, some great family members and three kids.

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I've been listening to all his albums since he died. It just seems so weird that he isn't here anymore. I'd lie if I said I didn't cry last night.

A big part of me died today. I'll always miss him. Always.

'Heal The World' -> my favorite MJ song of all time


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