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Michael Jackson Dies At 50

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I stayed up really late watching it on various channels. The whole thing was great. I was impressed at the line up and the vibe of the entire service. I didn't expect it to be so much like a funeral and so uplifting. I didn't expect so many legends to take center stage. And the younger talent that was participating was appropriate. It was just an amazing memorial. It definitely served it's purpose. I woke up this morning and things do feel a little different. Come level of closure has been acheived.

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Not only did Paris Jackson break the world's heart she also shut up all the Michael Jackson haters with just a few simple words. Over the years people (In the media mostly) have tried to potray Michael has this nut case who was an unfit parent but when his own daughter came out and said ''He was the best father you could imagine'' not only was that emotional but it was also a big F you to all the people who ever doubted Michael

We have lost a singer, dancer, song writter and entertainer. Paris, Prince and Blanket have lost a father and what they are going thorugh is way worse than what we are going through and my heart goes out to all three of them

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i cant even explain how much his death has effected me, im actually in mourning like i knew him, other celebs have died and ive been sad but this is something else. I cant get him off my mind. I felt really down in the days after his death, then i started to feel better now after this memorial im back at square one. i still cant believe hes gone.

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Many of my favorite artists have passed...Left Eye, 2Pac, Aaliyah being right up there with MJ. When each of them left, it really effected me. I'm so in2 music and the music by the people i love the most is because i identify with them, their music and their lyrics. It's those 4 artists that really effected me.

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Here's a bunch of news clips i got from AOL's Popeater. Also, if u look around, u'll see that Us Weekly obtained footage from the 1984 Pepsi commercial where MJ's hair caught on fire. U see him performing for 15 seconds (give or take) where he hair is toatlly on fire and he has no idea until everyone rushes him. When the crowd clears u can see the top center of his head is orange and glowing...it's actually quite disturbing 2 watch.


LAPD Treating Jackson Death as Homicide

Posted Jul 15th 2009 11:10AM by TMZ Staff

Multiple law enforcement sources tell TMZ the LAPD is already treating Michael Jackson's death as a homicide, and they are focusing on Dr. Conrad Murray.

Law enforcement sources tell us the evidence points to the anesthesia Propofol as the primary cause of Jackson's death. As we first reported, vials of Propofol were found in Jackson's home after he died.

Law enforcement sources say there is already "plenty of powerful evidence" linking Dr. Murray as the person who administered the drug to Jackson. The evidence includes various items found in Jackson's house, including the Propofol, an IV stand and oxygen tank.

Dr. Murray's lawyer would neither confirm nor deny if his client administered the Propofol.

And we've learned the LAPD has had "multiple conversations" with the L.A. County District Attorney's office, although the case has not been formally presented to the D.A.


Anesthesia in Jackson Case Tracked

We've learned several pharmaceutical companies have been contacted by the DEA in the Michael Jackson case and we're told authorities are getting closer to identifying which person may have supplied the powerful anesthesia Propofol that appears to have killed the singer.

Sources tell us law enforcement found vials of Propofol in Michael Jackson's house after he died. The vials all have lot numbers. We're told several days ago the DEA contacted Teva Pharmaceuticals -- which manufactured one of the vials found at the house -- to determine who purchased it.

Teva sells Propofol to medical distributors, who then turn around and sell the vials to hospitals and doctors.

And, law enforcement sources say, the DEA also contacted other manufacturers of Propofol from the other vials found in Jackson's home.

Here's the problem. Although every vial has a lot number, the vials are not marked individually. There are thousands of vials in a lot. So the DEA and LAPD are trying to hone in on the culprit but, we're told, it's no easy task.


Rowe's Lawyer -- Debbie Doesn't Want MJ's Money

Debbie Rowe's lawyer just fired off a letter to the New York Post ... demanding a retraction of its story that Rowe has accepted $4 million to walk away from Michael Jackson's two eldest kids.

The letter -- written by Rowe's lawyer Eric George -- says "Among the several contenders for overzealous and inaccurate sensationalism, the New York Post has now seized top honors."

George says "Ms. Rowe has not accepted -- and will not accept -- any additional financial consideration beyond the spousal support she and Michael Jackson personally agreed to several years ago." This is a very significant statement and we've confirmed it with another Jackson source.


Jackson's Maid -- He Binged On Drugs

One of Michael Jackson's former housekeepers told law enforcement the singer was often in such bad shape from drugs, his eyes would roll back in his head.

We've obtained documents from the Santa Barbara County Sheriff Department's 1993 investigation into allegations of child molestation. Kristina Fournier told deputies back then ... she saw syringes while she was employed at Neverland. Deputies asked her if she ever saw Jackson inject himself with a hypodermic needle -- she said no.

Fournier told deputies she was aware Jackson was under the influence of drugs and "under a doctor's care." Fournier said she saw doctors "come and go" at Neverland.

And Fournier said, on the subject of Jackson's drug addiction, "I think he had good periods and bad periods, and when he had a bad period, he had a bad period. Then he would get off (referring to drugs) and then it would start again."

Fournier said it was "well-known" among the Neverland staff that Jackson had a drug problem -- "Yes, and people would say, his eyes were rolling in the back of his head and he wouldn't know what he was talking about."


Debbie Rowe Injected Jackson with Drugs

Debbie Rowe frequently injected Michael Jackson with drugs while she worked for Jackson's dermatologist, Dr. Arnold Klein.

We've obtained law enforcement documents from the 2005 molestation trial. Included in the records is an affidavit from a Santa Barbara County Sheriff's deputy who served a search warrant on Dr. Klein in 1993 to obtain Jackson's medical records during the first molestation investigation.

In the affidavit, the deputy writes, in August 1993, "...Ms. Rowe observed the back of Jackson's body while she gave him massages to help him sleep. Ms. Rowe also observed Jackson's buttocks on numerous occasions when she gave him injections prior to acne treatments."

The affidavit does not specify the type of drug Rowe administered. As we reported, Jackson sought out anesthesia and other sedatives for even minor procedures, including acne treatment.


Jackson Doc Did Not Fully Cooperate

The assistant coroner who just went to Dr. Arnold Klein's office for Michael Jackson's medical records just confirmed our story -- that he went to the office because Dr. Klein was not fully cooperating with their request for documents.

Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter just told us ... on July 2 his office contacted Dr. Klein's office and requested Jackson's medical records. Klein's lawyer sent partial records and then promised to send the rest later, but never did. Winter told us his office then called Dr. Klein's rep to say they still hadn't received the documents but Klein's people never responded.

And Winter says, that's why he went to Klein's office today. Winter tells us a lawyer for Dr. Klein was in the office and another lawyer was on the phone. Winter says the lawyers promised to ante up the additional files within 24 hours.

We spoke to Ed after he talked to the press outside of Dr. Klein's office today -- when he said Klein had fully cooperated.


Jackson's Docs Allegedly Manipulated Pharmacies

We've obtained law enforcement documents from Michael Jackson's 2005 molestation trial -- and the depth of the singer's drug dependency is further surfacing.

As far back as 1993, Jackson was using aliases to score drugs, according to an employee at the Neverland Ranch. Joey Jeszeck, who worked security, told Santa Barbara County Sheriff's deputies in 1993 that Jackson would ask him "to go to a pharmacy and pick up his prescription for him." Jeszeck said sometimes the scripts were in the name of other people.

The report says: "Sometimes the pharmacy wouldn't release Jackson's medication to him since it was not in Jeszeck's name. Jackson would then call the doctor and have the prescription changed into the name of the person he was sending to pick it up."

Jeszeck said "one of these doctors was Dr. Farshchian in Florida."


Jackson's Knack for Picking Friendly Docs

Michael Jackson had a way of picking doctors who became such close friends with him that the doctor-patient distinction became blurred.

Dr. Alex Farshchian from Miami was "awe-struck" by Jackson, according to former L.A. County Sheriff's Deputy Michael Laperruque, who worked security for Jackson. We obtained notes from an interview Laperruque had with detectives during the child molestation investigation in Santa Barbara. Laperruque said Dr. Farshchian was so enamored with Jackson, he invited the singer to stay at his house in Miami. Laperruque says Jackson took the doctor up on his offer and ended up staying in his converted garage. The question -- why would Jackson settle for such accommodations?

Laperruque told detectives "Farshchian may have been over prescribing medication."

Dr. Arnold Klein was Jackson's longtime friend and Beverly Hills dermatologist. Klein bragged on Larry King that he has slept in the same room as Jackson and shared a close bond with him, going on numerous vacations with the singer. One of Jackson's drivers told the coroner Jackson would spend 3 - 4 hours in Klein's office and come out looking disoriented. A former bodyguard said he also saw Jackson leave Klein's office looking out of it. And powerful prescriptions were found at Neverland -- prescribed by Dr. Klein. The prescriptions were written for Frank Tyson, who worked for Jackson. A former bodyguard said Jackson would use Tyson's name to score drugs. Klein has said he prescribed Demerol for Jackson, a drug to which Jackson was addicted.

Dr. Allan Metzger, who practices in West Hollywood, went on one of Jackson's concert tours and was close to him. He even videotaped the singer's wedding to Debbie Rowe. Dr. Metzger received a public reprimand for prescribing drugs to Janet Jackson under an alias. Dr. Metzger would not tell us whether he ever prescribed drugs to Michael under an alias. He told us he has not been Jackson's doctor for years, but he spoke with him as recently as last April about medical issues and personal matters.

Some medical experts suggest it's a bad idea for doctors to become close to their patients because the doctors must retain the power to say "no" when the patient wants something that is not medically appropriate. Whatever his motives, Michael Jackson had a talent for picking doctors who were more than happy to pick him as a friend.

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if u look around, u'll see that Us Weekly obtained footage from the 1984 Pepsi commercial where MJ's hair caught on fire. U see him performing for 15 seconds (give or take) where he hair is toatlly on fire and he has no idea until everyone rushes him. When the crowd clears u can see the top center of his head is orange and glowing...it's actually quite disturbing 2 watch.

I saw the vid. It's simply tremendous.

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Report: Doc Gave Jackson Fatal Drug


posted: 15 MINUTES AGOcomments: 115filed under: Music NewsPRINT|E-MAILMOREText SizeAAA(July 27) – Michael Jackson's personal doctor administered a powerful anesthetic to help him sleep, and authorities believe the drug killed the pop singer, a law enforcement official told The Associated Press on Monday.

The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the investigation is ongoing, also provided a glimpse inside Jackson's rented mansion, describing the room Jackson slept in as outfitted with oxygen tanks and an IV drip. Another of his bedrooms was a shambles, with clothes and other items strewn about and handwritten notes stuck on the walls. One read: "children are sweet and innocent."

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The official said Jackson regularly received propofol to sleep, relying on the drug like an alarm clock. A doctor would administer it when he went to sleep, then stop the intravenous drip when he wanted to wake up. On June 25, the day Jackson died, Dr. Conrad Murray gave him the drug through an IV sometime after midnight, the official said.

Though toxicology reports are pending, investigators are working under the theory propofol caused Jackson's heart to stop, the official said. Jackson is believed to have been using the drug for about two years and investigators are trying to determine how many other doctors administered it, the official said.

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Jackson's Docs Under the ScopeHouston Chronicle / AP4 photos Dr. Conrad Murray, who was Michael Jackson's cardiologist, has been a primary person of interest in Jackson's death investigation. A law enforcement official tells the Associated Press that Murray did in fact administer the drug propofol to the singer. The powerful anesthetic is believed to be what killed him.(Note: Please disable your pop-up blocker)

Michael Jacksons Doctors

Murray, 51, has been identified in court papers as the subject of a manslaughter investigation and authorities last week raided his office and a storage unit in Houston. Police say Murray is cooperating and have not labeled him a suspect.

Using propofol to sleep is a practice far outside the drug's intended purpose. One doctor said administering it in a home to help a person sleep would constitute malpractice.

Murray's lawyer, Edward Chernoff, has said the doctor "didn't prescribe or administer anything that should have killed Michael Jackson." When asked Monday about the law enforcement official's statements he said: "We will not be commenting on rumors, innuendo or unnamed sources."

Murray became Jackson's personal physician in May and was to accompany him to London for a series of concerts starting in July.

He was staying with Jackson in the Los Angeles mansion and, according to Chernoff, "happened to find" an unconscious Jackson in the pop star's bedroom the morning of June 25. Murray tried to revive him by compressing his chest with one hand while supporting Jackson's back with the other.

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Memorable Michael MomentsRusty Kennedy, AP16 photos Kisses, pajama pants, mysterious bandages, scary baby moments and more make up classic snapshots of the King of Pop. See Them Now >>>(Note: Please disable your pop-up blocker)

Memorable Michael Moments

Michael Jackson starred as the Scarecrow in the 1978 film 'The Wiz.'

Tom Zimberoff, Getty Images

Oprah Winfrey interviewed Jackson in February of 1993.


Time showed off an Andy Warhol portrait on a 1984 cover at the height of his 'Thriller' popularity.

Time & Life Pictures / Getty Images

Michael Jackson is photographed with Brooke Shields in 1988.

Ron Galella, WireImage

Michael Jackson hit the court with Michael Jordan during the video shoot for 'Jam' in 1992.


Jackson attends a Pepsi press conference on February 3, 1992. Jackson accepted the largest individual sponsorship deal in history from Pepsi-Cola in 1983.

Steve Allen, Liaison / Getty Images

Jackson performs during the halftime show at the Super Bowl XXVII in Pasadena in 1993. The halftime show was a ratings smash.

Rusty Kennedy, AP

Jackson and his wife Lisa Marie Presley kiss on the stage of Radio City Music Hall at the 1994 MTV Video Music Awards. "And they said he wouldn't last," Jackson joked.

AFP / Getty Images

Wearing a black surgical mask, Jackson arrives with companion Debbie Rowe, mother to two of his children, at a performance of the play "Sisterella" in 1996.

Chris Pizzello, AP

Michael Jackson with baby son Prince and mother Debbie Rowe on cover of OK! Magazine in 1997.

OK! Magazine / AP

It's unclear how long it took for someone at Jackson's home to summon paramedics, though Murray's own lawyers have said it was up to a half-hour. Paramedics arrived about three minutes after they were called and tried to revive the music superstar for another 42 minutes before sliding him into the ambulance and racing with lights flashing and siren blaring to UCLA Medical Center, where Jackson was pronounced dead.

Authorities arrived at the singer's house after the death and found a chaotic scene. The top floor had been all but sealed off, with only Jackson, his children and Murray allowed upstairs, the official said. Jackson's bedroom was a mess, with items seemingly thrown about and some 20 handwritten notes stuck on the walls.

A porcelain girl doll wearing a dress was found on top of the covers of the bed where he slept, the official said.

The temperature upstairs was stiflingly hot, with gas fireplaces and the heating system on high because Jackson always complained of feeling cold, the official said.

Police found propofol and other drugs in the home. An IV line and three tanks of oxygen were in the room where Jackson slept and 15 more oxygen tanks were in a security guard's shack, the official said.

Propofol can depress breathing and lower heart rates and blood pressure. Because of the risks, propofol is only supposed to be administered in medical settings by trained personnel. Instructions on the drug's package warn that patients must be continuously monitored, and that equipment to maintain breathing, to provide artificial ventilation, and to administer oxygen if needed "must be immediately available."

Dr. Zeev Kain, who heads the anesthesiology department at the University of California, Irvine Medical Center, said he has never encountered a situation where propofol was given in a home to help someone sleep. Such a situation would constitute malpractice, he said.

Cherilyn Lee, a registered nurse who gave Jackson nutritional counseling and vitamins earlier this year, said he complained of insomnia and asked her repeatedly for Diprivan, the brand-name version of propofol. Lee said she warned him of the drug's dangers and rejected his requests.

Los Angeles police interviewed Murray twice soon after Jackson's death. Last week, detectives flew to Houston and, along with federal drug agents, searched a medical clinic he ran and a storage unit he rented. They seized a long list of items, including the contents of three computer hard drives, two e-mails from his administrative assistant at the Las Vegas practice Murray ran and various other documents.

A sealed search warrant approved by a Houston judge and later made public allowed authorities to seek "property or items constituting evidence of the offense of manslaughter that tend to show that Dr. Conrad Murray committed the said criminal offense."

Contributing to this report were Associated Press writers Lynn Elber in Tustin, Calif., Marilynn Marchione in Milwaukee, and Justin Pritchard in Los Angeles.

Copyright 2009 The Associated Press. The information contained in the AP news report may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or otherwise distributed without the prior written authority of The Associated Press. Active hyperlinks have been inserted by AOL.

2009-07-27 20:39:28

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i use propofol on a daily basis at our vets, its umimaginable why the doctor chose to use this drug. For starters you only use anaesthetic when really needed for an operation bcoz its dangerous and there is always a risk. Secondly u always monitor an anaesthetic, i fail to believe the doctor watched Michael and monitored his heart rate all night. And thirdly u do not use anaesthetic as a way to sleep, when u wake up from it u feel like crap not like you've had good nights sleep.

If its true the doctor used this drug its beyond malpractise its plain stupidity. And im not surprised Michael is dead if this drug was used on a regular basis, if u keep going under anaesthetic all the time eventually it will kill you.

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I haven't heard a single suicide rumor and i've followed this whole thing very closely.

I heard it on the news, they said it could have been a possible cause of death for MJ.

More info here:



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