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Michael Jackson Dies At 50

Da Brakes

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I find it hard 2 believe that there's a "finsihed" album. He was always recording and always perfecting. We know there's probably enough music for him 2 release another 50 albums. One thing they really need 2 do is 2 release all previous VHS's on DVD. I remember a documentary from the mid-80's never got put on DVD. The Making of Thriller was never put on DVD, Moonwalker was never released on DVD and neither was Ghosts. Captain Eo (sp?) was also never released. I think the fans deserve alot of this stuff.

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I feel ya there AJ, theres a lot of things they didnt work on or brought back. Simply they forgot about all them MJ fans out there for a big while..

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MJ died the 25th , Aaliyah died the 25th, Static Major died the 25th, Left Eye the 25th too, James Brown 12/25.. eh.. :ph34r:

2 pac died aged 25. i think you can a lot of things apply to it tho!

There are so many artists in my CD collection that are no longer with us, its horrible.

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It's never been released in the US. I remember seeing import versions online but the US have never seen it on it's shelves...which sucks. The cover u posted is awful...very generic.

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I'm also wondering if anyone has the song he did with Akon (not the 2008 version of "You Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'"...the new one) and "Let Me Let Go." I need 2 make a new MJ mix with the quickness.

U mean 'Hold My Hand'? If so, there you go!

Akon ft. Michael Jackson - Hold My Hand

Michael Jackson - Let Me Let Go

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