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Michael Jackson Dies At 50

Da Brakes

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I'm gonna write more on this 2nite but i still can't adapt 2 it. It just seems weird. It's always strange to me how the passing of a celeberity can sometimes truely effect u even tho' u never met them. It just goes 2 show how thru' words, lyrics, talent, music, and being yourself, u can touch people u've never met. I'm gonna grab some MJ CDs and go for a long drive.

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I am deeply saddened & hurt by the passing of Michael Jackson. He was my all-time favorite entertainer. I remember seeing him in concert during the Bad album. It remains the greatest concert I've ever seen in my life. This is a very sad day. I will miss him greatly. RIP Michael. Your music will always be timeless.

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This is a bummer I was at work when the guy on the radio broke the news, No matter what people say about him he made great music when he was young and older. When the news broke the radio station started playing the music the rest of the day. If he did have a heart attack and slipped into a coma its an interesting parallel to one of his idols Jackie Wilson.

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There are certain moments that u will never forget. U remember alot of little things, like exactly where u were, what u were wearing, what u were doing, etc. I'll always remember 6:03, sitting at the computer, when i get a text from my friend Vanessa saying "Mourn with me...Michael Jackson died a bit ago." My instant thought was "whatever, it's another MJ rumor...that doesn't make since. I started looking all over the internet and didn't find anything. I turned on the TV and nobody was airing anything...until i got on MSNBC...and then 106 + Park. MSMBC was saying there were rumors that he died but that they could only confirm that he was taken 2 the hospital. Other texts followed. 10-20 minutes later, MSNBC said that the LA Times confirmed that he had just passed.

Michael Jackson was the 1st artist i knew by name. My mom loved him. Thriller was the 1st music video i ever saw. Bad was my 1st cassette ever. I remember waking up early on a Sunday morning and "Bad" was on the radio. I was 8 and put my tape recorder next 2 my radio and recorded the last minute of the song. I put 2 tape recorders 2gether and played that last minute of the song and recorded it on another tape 3 times in a row so it was kinda like having the whole song. At 7 years old, that made sense...ha ha. I remember my brother getting Dangerous on cassette when it 1st came out and a dubbed it until it got my own copy. I remember getting HIStory the day it came out. I've lived all my life as a BIG Michael Jackson fan. My music and DVD collection of his is pretty extensive. As he dealt with legal problems, I always sided with him. It's silly for anyone (including myself) 2 have any opinion on matters like that because we simply weren't there. I always found it hard 2 swallow that someone who seemed so raw and innocent with everyone would do anything like that. He was rich, famous, black, and not one 2 fight people head 2 head...making him an easy target for shady people. Over the years, his music, his lyrics, his compassion for people and the world really struck me and in many cases was something i could identify with. Michael Jackson was one of the hardest working people in the industry. He was one of the most creative artists of all time. He broke so many records, had so many hits, sold out so many tours, and accomplished so much, it's hard 2 imagin the negative press sticking 2 his legacy. It'll be frustrating 2 see all of the bandwagon fans come out of the woodwork who either didn't care about him or were disrespecting him over the past decade. If they were such fans, why didn't they back him when he needed it? Look at what the man has dealt with in the past 15 years?! That will handicap your creativity and productivity....but he kept pressing on. He had thousands of fans and industry people totally turn their back on him. MJ's music never declined. MJ's attitude never changed. It was the industry and phoney fans that abandoned him. His commercial edge should have never slipped. This comeback tour was gonna be just that. The comeback. After dealing with the crap that he had 2 deal with in the past, u know it wasn't gonna happen again.

I remember thinking it was weird seeing all of that footage of fans screaming, crying, and fainting at his shows. But at the same time, that only shows just how much he touched his supporters and how he did it. I'm feeling that right now. Michael Jackson is gone. I'm not making this about me at all, but personally, this year has been really rough. I've watched so much be taken away from me. Things i love. Things that are tradition. So to have the man i've been a fan of all my life, an icon in my eyes be yet another thing that is gone, just makes everything so much more weird. Life is soooo short. We need 2 chase down life and live it 2 the fullest. We need to forgive. We need shake off the bad and just live.

Rest In Peace MJ.

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