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We need our own NBA topic, I know there are quite some NBA fans in here

so we can talk about the season.

Caught the Bulls-Magic game on my league pass as always (I'm on the Magic bandwagon btw thanks to D12) what a game, what a great way to end the year. Double overtime.

I know Topdawg is probably frustrated with the score, but the Bulls really felt like the succesfull team they were last year, Hinrich fouling out early kinda messed them up.

Hedo Turkoglu had a horrible game, 7 turnovers, than goes and makes the game-winner coldblooded Turk. And Dwight is on his way to surpass Shaq, he's in the same league and has so much ahead of him, so excited to watch this Kid play.

And how about those Celtics ? After the disgrace of last year Max finally has something to cheer for aside of Kobe lol. He probably is one of the happiest celtic fans out there. The Celtics are a beast, only 3 losses, on their way to 70+ wins. Not only are they winning, they are blowing out almost every opponent.

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I was watching the Lakers-Celtics, horrible game for the Lakers but overall pretty entertaining. The short shorts were interesting, to say the least. I was watching the telecast and pretty much everyone at Staples was having a grand time laughing their arses off at Kobe, Bynum and co in extra small shorts (basically, boxers disguised as NBA shorts!) I'd say the moment they all took off their warmups was the most entertaining minunte of the night, everyone was in hysterics! :paperbag: :lolsign:


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The Lakers had a horrible game last night, but for the most part, they've been playing well for the last few weeks. I fully expect them to bounce back. Not a good look on the short shorts though. I found it funny that they changed them at halftime. Someone must have complained.

My Celts have been running things. It's such a blessing to be a Bostonian around this time. The Sox, the Pats, the Celts... Good times.

Incidentally, I'm hearing word that T-Mac might be unhappy in Houston. It's still in the rumor stages, but that should be interesting if he's moved before the trade deadline. All in all, Houston and Utah have surprised me this year. They are playing horribly and if Portland and NO continue to play well, Houston and Utah may be on the outside looking in come April. Surprising to say the least.

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My team's the Bulls, it's dissapointing to see them struggle so far but usually they finish strong so I'm not too worried yet. I'm surprised how well the Celtics are playing, I knew they were gonna be better but not this much, it's pretty damn remarkable what they're doing, I don't think they'll win 70 games though. Btw, my fantasy team in the JJFP fantasy league is the team to beat right now

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I'm a Jazz fan. Can't say I'm too happy with how the season has gone so far. We traded a protected first round pick and Giricek for Korver from the 76ers. Although it seems like putting a band-aid on a bullet wound. Here's hoping '08 will turn luck in our favor.

Jazz fan eh???? Whats your opinion of Deron Williams?

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I've always been a T Wolves fan since the early days of KG...I grew up watching him play. Definitely glad he got out of MN though, cause he deserves worthwhile teamates and the chance to win.

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As a Bulls fan I am completely frustrated with my team. They are too talented to be bad as they are. I'm not even sure if they'll make the playoffs.

My Western Conference team, the Spurs, are doing well so at I hope they can repeat as champions.

My favorite players are Tim Duncan, Deron Williams, Lebron, Tony Parker, Dwight Howard, Luol Deng, and Kevin Garnett.

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