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intresting stuff to read about his life :


"I was in placements because I used to act up, sent away to Juvenile facilities. Then I came out here and carried my problems to L.A a little bit. When I finally came to this music thing it got me on the right path.”

... around 2004 he moved out to L.A to stay with his uncle, hoping the warm weather and open spaces would change his perspective a bit.

“Seeing my uncle perform and seeing how people respond to him [made me want to rap.] I love pleasing the crowd and getting the attention back.”

The title track gives K a chance to display his story telling abilities as well, sharing his unique perspective of life in Philly and L.A. “Picture this, a twelve year old caught in a trap/Dad left when he was three, mom strung out on crack.” (????) :shakehead:

However, this young man, who counts LL Cool J and 50 Cent (???) amongst his influences, is ready to take his camera-ready style and confident delivery and set a new standard for rocking a party. With production from The Trackmasters, Mike City and newcomers Jukebox and Elijah “EK” Kelly, Streetz to Hollywood is sure to see heavy rotation on radio and T.V outlets nationwide.

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“[People] think I’m going to follow in the footsteps of my uncle. You won’t hear crazy cursing from me, but you’ll hear more edgy records,” he says. “I have a cut called ‘Million Bucks’ that samples Ludacris on the hook (from his hit “Stand Up”) where I rhyme ‘I hit the club, when I leave, they be all in awe/ got shorties takin’ off they bra like it’s mardi gras.’ That’s not Fresh Prince at all.”

Is he actually proud of that? :nhawong: :nhawong:

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If The kid wants to hear his music in black radio, thats exactly what hes gonna do. And if that makes him proud, well........ U know what he got in the game for..

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K Smith is a kid, a kid polaying in a grown men field who needs some advise, and we hope he gets it soon, so that his career can florish the way he wants it to be, without falling into the 50 lil wayne trap.

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Will Smith's Protege K. Smith Makes His Debut With 'Better Man' Featuring Omarion

New Rapper From Philly Performs On The Russ Parr Back To School Tour

NEW YORK, Aug. 14 /PRNewswire/ -- Will Smith became the first rapper to

win a Grammy in 1998, and now nearly a decade later, his nephew K. Smith is

following in his footsteps with his debut single "Better Man" featuring

Omarion. The song is heating up radio and video outlets across the country

(video directed by Omarion's manager Chris Stokes), and now K. Smith is

introducing himself on his first tour, the Russ Parr Back To School Tour

which kicked off August 3rd in Detroit and continues through August 17th in

Washington, D.C. The seventeen-year old rapper is proving he's a magnetic

performer as he shares the stage with several stars including Chris Brown.

K. Smith is signed to a joint venture between Will's Overbrook

Entertainment and The Coalition, the firm which launched the careers of Eve

and Fat Joe. Smith's influences include LL Cool J and 50 Cent, and he's

developed his own distinctive flow which he displays on "Better Man" and

his first album "Streetz To Hollywood" due to be released early in 2008.

This electric new hip-hop artist co-wrote "Better Man," and he worked on

his debut CD with proven hit makers Mike City (whose credits include Usher,

Jamie Foxx, Chris Brown and Rihanna) and Trackmasters (known for their

productions with Mary J. Blige, The Notorious B.I.G., R. Kelly, and Jay-Z).

Check out K. Smith on tour, on radio, video and CD, and you'll discover

that as he's moved from Philadelphia to L.A. and traveled the "Streetz To

Hollywood," he's truly developed into a "Better Man."

Russ Parr Back To School Tour Featuring K. Smith

August 14 Chris Leith Chevrolet Raleigh, NC

August 15 Richmond International Raceway Richmond, Virginia

August 17 Union Station Washington, DC


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i aint got nothin againts him as long as he doesnt claim he's a hip hop leyend or somethin like that, he better take his place.....hes just an entertainment for youngsters

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K.Smith's rapping ability is... :thumbdown:

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