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Okay...i've ignored the whole K. Smith thing up until now. I've read the reviews and opinions but never checked him out 4 myself cuz i figured he'd annoy me. Well, i just watched a bunch of those videos.

2 me, he comes off as a misguided kid who seems like he's probably a nice kid but the whole expectation of what a rapper on a commercial level should be has warped his mind. He's definitely gotta get rid of The Fresh Prince chain. I guess FP gave it 2 him 4 good luck but by no means does K. Smith have any part in the JJ+FP legacy. I can see him hanging out with idiots like Young Burg and getting that classic old school chain snatched off his neck.

The song "Betterman" isn't awful...but that's as nice as i can put it. Thank God he's not trying 2 come off hardcore and cussing, but his lyrics are weak as is his flow. I give him a C- on the vocal skillz and a C for the beat. Omarion is the only thing the song really has going for it. The video is unimaginative but good.

Those interviews are what kills it. He sounds like a fool. How much time can he spend talking about "the ladies" and how many times can he say "it's crazy." His freestyles are about the worse i've EVER heard.

The only way i'd even consider buying the album is FP's name is on it. What a disappointment.

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The Real Fresh Prince is a reference to the TV show, he's not saying it has anything to do with FP's legacy as a rapper. His life was very similar to Will's in FPOBA. He lived in West Philly, moved to Cali to live with his rich aunt and uncle. As he explained, thats what the reference means. He's actually talking sense in that interview, I dont see where the hate comes from. he may not be very talented as a rapper, but he made a lot of sense in that interview.

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