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I havent heard many good freestyles lately from anyone first. Second, a C in production? I think the beat is not that bad, maybe a B, and his flow is not maybe from public enemy, but then again, who is? hes giving the people what they are looking for nowadays, and thats the way he wanted to come up. In his interviews hes showing just that, A kid who knows that the rap game is full of cocky ladies mens who want to get recognition without having earn it.

And since u people know him soo well that u can actually know his personality just bacause u listen to a couple of intervies, people please... when u go to an interview you have to show people and reporters that side of the story that you want them to know. Publicists and agents practically dictate what are u gonna show in an interview, its not actually the singer talking.

Most of the bad boys, ladies men, attitudes come from publicity. Its what people, and by people i mean all those kids calling BET and MTV and actually buying those 700000 copies from CURTIS, like. What they are craving, what they are wanting. Will Smith probably told K part of this because he knows the game. Hes been through that and we can all smell the cockyness in most of his songs. Will problem is that he focused so much on them haters, even in his last album, that he maybe forgot to bring a lil more for the people who actually buy the albums, and maybe we would have been gettin another album this year, but we are not.

Makes me sad to read opinions based on what you people see in a first instance. None of us know tha thruth behind all of this. Is 50 really that bad? or does he has to be? K is just borning in this world and he got his fans and his critics like everyone else, but lets try to be a lil bit more understanding because i know you people dont want to be like those who call FP wack when they actually dont know nothing bout him.

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I agree with Visqo on some points. I agree with the fact that K is just giving the people what they want, but I also think that if this isn't natural to him, he shouldn't be doing it, and should focus on being himself with his artistry. But none of us know him in reality, maybe the way he acts in rap and interviews, is how he is. And if you are really honest with yourself, it's not the artists like K you are annoyed at, you're annoyed at the audiences who listen to this music. Rapping is a job at the end of the day, if you wanna go commercial it's a job, so K caters to the audience. It's like if you go to and Aerosmith concert and 50 Cent performs, you'll be pissed off, because you wanted Aerosmith.

I also agree with the fact that you can't draw a conclusion about a persons personality with what you see in the media. If we did, MJ is a child molester, WS is gay etc. Also you cant tell if how people act in the public eye is actually how they are, K could be the nicest person in the world, WS could be the nastiest person in the world. You just can't tell. I think the real issue is, people are seeing this more of WS's decline and less of K's rise. Yes he's not very talented, yes he sound like a lot of other rappers, but fact is, he is also better than a lot of chart topping artists out today. He's 200% better than who is brandished as the best in the game at present, Lil Wayne.

Of course everyone can have an opinion on everything, and I'm not trying to change anyones opinion. I don't think he is very talented, but Better Man is a dope track, and K does speak sense in some of the interviews that he is actually asked sensible questions in. Like AJ said, give him an honest listen when the album drops, then draw the conclusion. If you still have the same opinion, so be it. I may even have teh same opinion as some of you after. But you have to give him a chance before you completely disregard him as an artist and person. Also from the "he's FP's nephew, he should rap like him" opinion, come on, key word is nephew, he's not FP and he has creative freedom over his actions. Right or wrong, thats the way it should be. At least give him credit for the fact his album won't have a PA sticker. Hell, not even many positive artists today can say that.

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