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  1. You Favourite WillSmith Movies? what are they ya'll? ok mine are hitch ali bb2 bb1 enemy of the state in no perticular order.....
  2. his 2nd? what was his 1st one for?
  3. who became a potna so fast? clear that up
  4. haha wdf man i think you talking Wanna be gangsta language haha learn da street vibe homie haha u jokes though haha F-U-DOUBLE-NIZZY SHIZNIT FIZZLE HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
  5. yeah you'll probally be listening to it when your 50 haha
  6. yeah man its cool make it into audio ill check it out fa'sho
  7. ok i made this is a very short amount of time it turned out pretty cool BUT OF COURSE ther are alot of flaws but i still ahve to learn some things check it out.. Click on the above linkpic for bigger view its resoultion is 1024x768
  8. yeah johnny is right it does serve uits purpose but 50 is garbage in my opnion i mean sure i listen to him here and there (on radio) haha but i respect the man for making money... ja rule in my opnion was pretty good at certain points back in the day...but i find 50 stupid as hell because he disses JA for singing meanwhile like jadakiss said... thats like seeing 50 at a show ad he dont come out singing...
  9. in a technical point of view that ice cube album and nwa and stuff without that hiphop wouldnt be anything... the state now is different from the state back then they was different generes of hiphop there was your gangstas ya party people ya story tellers and everything from krs1-nwa which is why hiphop was alright for anybody everybody choes a different place... now its one in the same thing except some albums here and there
  10. thats gay man some rappers use famous beats on mixtapes and disses and if they are disses directed to the person who actually made the beat i dont understand why there are copyright laws for that stuff
  11. can you help me please man i can't find it anywhere
  12. yeah no kidding haha who would do that ?
  13. hopefully he does get it will deserves it
  14. bloopers are cool but they should have more then that
  15. ok well this is just for fun.... but heres what you do.. basically tell us what you would do if you had to chance to go back in time and make your own episode.. tell us everything from special guest appearences... to some of the jokes you would use.. common people i know alot of you are very creative.. ill make mine in a minute..
  16. haha thoes are the best scenes ever haha i said go 90 then i come 10 haha
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