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  1. thanks all haha and luigie you right my moms a damn rebel haha jokes :lolsign: once she almost broke my arm for not doing the dishes! but yea faq good thing she hasn't seen that song but yeah my mom doesn't listen to my dad AT ALL so iono i hope your right man imma hang in there best i can
  2. oh i don't care about the phone stuff i was talking to my dad and he ssaid that was fine because even he said my moms being a retard right now... but yeah its dumb... and she hasn't see that mom song so it doesn't matter...
  3. yeah thanks I need all the luck i can get girl :dope:
  4. well as some of you know because of the song i posted in the "Numer Uno" section I have been having lots of problems with my mom :tednmax: always on my case and things :thatspdiddybad: . well after yesterdays inscident she called up my internet company and told them to cancle our service on thursday... so by then we will have nomore internet which means i can't get to this site unless I'm at a friends house or at the lybarie. So i won't be here for a while, she said it will be gone untill i gain/show respect for her then she will get it hooked up again... I tryed to say I was sorry and everything... nothing worked she just blew me off and say "i'm listening to my show" so eventually I gave up :shrug: . I guess I'll have to do without this board for a while.. so HERO1 (Tim) Please Don't Delete my Account/username!!! :dope: so if ne of ya wanna holla at me by phone call my home 519-649-7986 holla at me I'll accept the charges and shyt. so yeah.. make sure you lemme know your from this board if you call... and remember I might be sleeping because of the different time zones!! :dope: Anyways I'll see ya'll around sometime I'll try my best to be a suck-up to get the internet back! :smartass: but hopefully she will actually be givin me it back ASAP! i guess it all depends on how i am... so i guess I'll miss ya'll :shakehead: :bangcomp: be eays ya'll take car of the forum i know ya'll will haha!!!!
  5. yeah i played it in a store called "ebgames" at my mall haha it was great me and my brother were yellign out damnit how could you miss that.. and stuff like that but we eventually got kicked out.. it was funny because once we left they put a sign up "5minute time please" haha :lolsign:
  6. man seems like you all have fun in the shower haha... gotta have something to do right? me i don't freestyle in the shower, I SING!!! haha i'mma be the next usher you watch haha.. :lolsign:
  7. thanks girl.... yoh question you sent the money foh da cd right??
  8. iono man my moms been tripping out on me latly shes really pissing me off iono what her problem is
  9. fat joe is a really good artist his song with cuban link called WHY ME is one of my favourite songs... 50cent's reign will end... soon you watch... mark my words.
  10. i find it kind of funny that on that WS board all their Fav songs are from "Lost&Found" i mean have they heard anything from him befor "switch"????? makes you think how much of fans they are??
  11. yeah freestyling is off the top of the head... it does take a while to get good at it... right now i think i'm really good at freestyling... i have won many battles downtown london on hiphop weeknd.. but thats for battling, which in a way is kind of different.... try picking a subject and sticking to it and just rappin bout it... for EX... girls!
  12. haha yeah some of thoes are good ones.... what about (when the dance guy teachin uncle phill to dance) dance teach--- there you go shake that grove thing..!! Jeffory---- if thats a groove thing the grand canyons a Ditch!
  13. alright buh if they do lemme know i could just send you my copy...then go out and buy a new one
  14. iono man i really wanna see it so badly but i guess not everythign happens.... thing is they should def release it because of the fact that if they don't it costs will money for making the vid... and he gets nothing out of it.
  15. damn straight anythang can happen haha!
  16. haha sounds cool homie! you got a soundclick... you could be my DJ haha
  17. damn straight its up to us homie... hopefully will gets his sales up..
  18. you never know man.... it gets easier as you practice aswell.... you any good at dj-ing homie??
  19. the first tiem i heard Will smith was when they released Will2k and i thought it was the ****.... then my family was watching a movei with will in it i forgot excatly which it was then i realized he did movies... so then i went and coped all the old stuff that was out befor i was born... and now i am where i am long story made short :dope:
  20. i freestyle all the time... try throwing words like uh... yeah..what..etc when you can't think... then freestyling becomes really easy after a while... you can also try some miny games pick a word and see how many words you can rhyme with that and keep doing with different words... it will up your vocabulary that make your freestyles better... also welcoem to the site... P.S. this is the wrong section for this... but you new here so ill give ya a break.
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