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  1. Yea I could see it: Alex Trebek: Sir, what is the definition of "feces"? Mike Jones: Ain't dat dem peanut butta cupz?
  2. On MTV's defense, they gave Will his own half hour special for the release of "Lost and Found." However, MTV has a first ticket ride on top of 50 Cent's ****, and the rest of Shady/Aftermath/G-Unit for that matter. They adore them, and they're just following the trend their putting out. So you're gonna see a lot more 50 Cent/Eminem/Game specials than your are anything else.
  3. The beep annoys me. he should have just had an edit over the word where it would have been a split second of silence.
  4. An Oscar is worth a LOT more than a grammy. It's a lot more common in the music industry for somebody to get a grammy then it is for somebody in Hollywood to get an Oscar. When people think of Will in movies, they think of Will in all of these action blockbusters (I Robot, Bad Boys, Independence Day). I'm sure Will is fine with that, but I'm also sure that he wouldn't mind being taken a little more seriously as an actor. If he wins an Oscar, that's what his acting career will be remembered as. The Pursuit of Hapiness is a movie Will needs for his movie career.
  5. :werd: Yea I do the same, unless it's an artist I really like
  6. ARC = American Rock Chart (or something like that) Don't be confused though, the site is definitely not all about Rock. Here's the Top 40: ARC Weekly Top 40 As far as importance, it's no Billboard, but it definitely has some importance. And the Billboard Singles chart didn't come out yet, but it's comin out sometime tomorrow.
  7. http://www.rockonthenet.com/charts/arc.htm 11 last week, 11 the week before that, and #9 this week! Despite "Switch" kicking all sorts of booty we NEED a new single. "Switch" has been milked.
  8. I'm thinkin "Tell Me Why" is gonna be released at the end of May. I mean, come on, Will's been in the game for this long I'd really hope he would know when to release the new songs.
  9. I'm losing faith real fast in the album sales. Now I'm actually worried that it might not go gold. :speechless:
  10. Yea, I think this movie is probably the best oppurtunity he's got now for his movie career.
  11. Yea Will's CD sales will not pick up unless he drops a new single. Selling only 31,000 is a huge drop, but if he comes out with a single, then perhaps it will go up again.
  12. I don't think ya'll really understand what an oppurtunity for Will's film career this is..."A Pursuit of Happiness" will be a great showcase of Will's true acting talent. An oscar nod is an easy possibility for him, and to me, and I'm sure to him, is worth much more than truly establishing any hip-hop cred.
  13. Are you sure it wasn't "Atomic Dog" by George Clinton? Maybe I'm thinking of a different episode.
  14. Yea I thought it was Quincy driving, too. Good find!
  15. BB3 would be great. I just can't imagine a ID2 though.
  16. You could tell that alot of the people that don't even have L&F in the Top 5 of '05 only say that because of Will's image. I bet they "feel embarrassed" to actually like a Will Smith CD.
  17. I loved the beats on the album, but I say bring around the producers that really helped out Will with Big Willie Style: Tone and Poke. Have a new CD with them, Jazzy, the Freshmen, and Premier would be outstanding.
  18. ^^^True Here's how I would like to see it: "Tell Me Why" could be released now, and could hopefully last on the charts throughout the whole summer. Then, when August comes around, release "Party Starter." Let that reign on the charts and then release "Pump Ya Brakes" when PS starts to fall. I think if Will does that he'll surely find success.
  19. Will just kills it on "Swagga" with his flow. It would have been great if "Swagga" was a full length single, though.
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