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  1. Thanks again Julie!!! Chamkila's a great singer lol
  2. hey julie, could you put up that summertime with punjabi mc, that would be dope, seeing as though im from india an all!
  3. In my eyes FP & LL are both Legends! wonder what happened with that record
  4. That is an excellent performance! Never seen that one before thanks!
  5. i just thought i'd share the news with everyone in the UK! Will Smith:MTV Live will be airing Sunday 5th June at 9pm! I know i've got my tv spot booked, so if anybody wanted to tape it and put it up here for anybody who misses it just thought i'd tell you the time and everything :2thumbs: I think this is what they'll be performing: I wanna rock gettin jiggy wit it switch miami and summertime i think :2thumbs: I'm out!
  6. I have it in .WMV file if thats any use
  7. i hope they come to England! (london or birmingham preferably!)
  8. New looks class! i have the rap city one up!
  9. Jus wanted to post this for everybody thinkin of uploading! youshareit.com Unlimited downloads, up to 50 meg, no waiting times like rapidshare, also AOL users can use it without proxy crap :switch: :peace:
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