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  1. if you wanna go real old school this is like then she bit me or code red, this is the classic witty fresh prince we all love!
  2. album dropped, best album i heard in a long time, snoop is peaking as an artist...
  3. nice rhymes brothers, here we go again.... now is the time to reach climax with more premieres than cinemax this individual won't slack feeding off of physical contact it's all on momentum like a contract but it's a bigger dividend than supplied cash your stock in the draft is faltering to crash i have all the upper hand like having a nutricious supper in advance a craft of victorious vision in circumstance a message to those who aren't believing in the flow to pursue rather than getting even won't be begging at more people at 33 my eyes are set on jesus my hobbies won't leave me deceiving penetrate my way towards eternity every set of concern rolls deep no,mention of any hurt on me the best is ahead on each breath i breathe
  4. now something us real JJFP classic heads can rejoice for! http://thesource.com/2017/11/21/rock-bells-ll-cool-j-launches-classic-hip-hop-show/
  5. word it's hilarious and lassic fresh prince, reminds me of the st patrick's version of the fpoba theme, if this gets promoted it could be a classic!!!
  6. if this was 1990 then it wouldn't seem realistic to do hip hop in a Disney movie but in 2018 hip hop is more accessible I think Will could pull this off!
  7. rest in peace craig mack, this one hurts...
  8. well since nobody contined it yet,i'll add myself some more with a march madness rap.... let me add this march madness rap as the spring training also gets at bats there won't be any slack bringing commentary like sir charles, kenny, and shaq this feeling will continually last as the buzzer sounds the love comes around through the sluggish rounds comes a more divine route with ways of claim to be found enough passion that won't drown there's not a need to front i was born during this month on the matter to discuss hot streaks come after slumps the range of accuracy behind the arc the inventive rhymer born in march the visions of a creative spark more innovative than those on the charts the pace of the game lives large no matter what you ain't tearing me apart hating opposition wants the break up to start i'm not about to break off and slip when i roll strong and come to grip no matter what happens i just won't trip taking control from the opening tip
  9. that's something all of us on the board would agree to!
  10. i never thought i'd live to see this day but it's quite impressing, check out his single "words are few" powerful message:
  11. such a warm feeling to see some activity back on the board again, btw let's get the JJFP cypher going, I want Will to step in haha!
  12. hey 3cookies welcome back, a blast from the past there's so many great memories from back in the days of this board...
  13. let me get this straight the classic mc who wrote lyrical classics like summertime and brand new funk had a simple edm dance song written by XO Man (no disrespect but who is he?), simply embarassing, maybe will should just hang up the mic, he's looking like a lost rapper...
  14. I just came up with a bright idea to gets ome life back in this forum, I remember back in the days of the JJFP forum of the Numero Uno forum where there was a lot of creativity and that did a lot to motivate me, I wanna bring that feeling back so without further ado here's a rhyme that i made recently, feel free to add on peeps, let's kick it off!! as the clocks continue to turn i'm putting stock into a concern there'll be major props in the world end of the days of hurting the strain of the daily burdens putting into care like nursing there's destiny for so much more time to release and live for what's in store releasing the hammer on the dance floor striving for peaceful ways instead of war more time to open up the heart instead of living torn apart there's more of an added charged manage the advantage large 2018 brings on a brand new start this feeling rolls true to last learning from what went wrong in the past to bring on recording of more tracks all the importance of a trained staff
  15. Obviously not just cause I'm an Eagles fan but JJFP are..West Philadelphia born and raised..they won their first ever super bowl last nite, it was one of the happiest moments of my life, I'm on cloud nine, I'm on adrenaline today! it was a good halftime show by justin timberlake as well:
  16. nice to see will get more hands on with the fans, now's the perfect time to drop lyrical bombs on the world...
  17. in my humble opinion the most lyrical jazzy jeff/fresh prince/will smith albums are he's the dj i'm the rapper, code red, and willennium sincethose are the toughest to narrow down to which songs were the most lyrical since there's so many strong rhymes on those records....
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