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  1. Well will was working on an album in 2010/2011 if I remember correctly let's hope we don't have to wait another 8 years for an album
  2. Big daddy Kane's 1st 2 albums r also all time staples along with kid n play's funhouse btw
  3. Here's more Montell Jordan this is how we do it LL Mr smith Coolio gangstas paradise Keith sweat still in the game Jodeci forever my lady Keith sweat rebirth Keith sweat get up on it Boyz ii men ii Joe my name is joe 50 the massacre LL 10 LL Authentic LL Exit 13 JJFP Code Red JJFP Homebase will smith willennium DJ jazzy Jeff magnificent albums Nas it was written Nas stillmatic Nas god's son Krs one Marley marl hip hop lives Krs one kristyles Ice t og Mc hammer the funky headhunter Pharrell girl
  4. BTW Tim over the years those hieroglyphic albums u sent me remain in rotation n I know r Kelly is in a lot of trouble now but tp2 will always be special to me just like dmx the great depression even though he's troubled personally
  5. Inspired by ajs Facebook post I posted 10+ albums on Facebook yesterday I'm gonna post more here for us real heads Mj thriller Will smith big Willie style Boyz ii men Cooley high harmony LL GOAT Mc hammer please hammer don't hurt em James brown 20 all time greatest hits TLC crazysexycool Krs one spiritual minded Bruce Springsteen Born in the USA Queen latifah black reign Janet Jackson Janet Quincy Jones back on the block Nas illmatic The Lion king soundtrack Kool moe dee funkee funkee wisdom Slick rick the great adventures of slick rick Prince purple rain Men in black soundtrack Heavy d nuttin but love Aaliyah one in a million Madonna ray of light Black street another level Snoop Dogg rhythm and gangsta New edition home again Dr dre the chronic Beastie boys licensed to I'll Run DMC down with the king Outlast speakerboxx the love below Will smith lost and found Jjfp he's the DJ I'm the rapper LL Mama said knock you out A tribe called quest low end theory Salt n pepa very necessary Mary j blige no more drama Ja rule pain is love 2pac me against the world Public enemy most of my heroes don't appear on no stamps Foxy brown I'll Nana Krs one the world is mind Mc lute lute as a rock Mc hammer inside out Jay z hard knock life Queen latifah order in the court Biggie ready to die
  6. ...now we need to keep the feedback coming so we could get another album, let's all tweet Jeff too
  7. Well Will's freestyle lit a fire under me haven't been this pumped about the state of hip hop in awhile
  8. BTW it's not that I hate all new stuff I made a 2010s music appreciation post after all
  9. At the end of the day I respect your opinion big Willie cause you're open minded but a lot of Eminem's fans don't give classic hip hop a spin
  10. Well the thing about it is that like chuck d said most of my heroes don't appear on no stamps n yes they're not in the mainstream anymore but em wouldn't ever battle them on stage
  11. Well the thing about will in the whole big will era since 97 is a poor lyrical choice of singles while he flows his ass off on the albums
  12. From a quality standpoint it's good but it's doing it's part drawing the masses but after that freestyle I'm not worried
  13. The song already has more views on YouTube than videos of some classic jjfp songs if will drops an album soon it might do big Willie style numbers he might finally get more props for his music this might be the miracle real heads like us been praying for I'm emotional right now
  14. Well like I mentioned maybe this freestyle will open up the ignorant millennials towards the classic hip hop n for the record when I think of classic albums I think of jjfp he's the DJ I'm the rapper ll cool j mama said knock you out Beastie boys licensed to I'll Nas illmatic n not Eminem or 99%of albums post 2000 don't get me wrong he's a good rapper but I wouldn't put him in the same breath as them
  15. It's cool a lot of energy but I prefer classic jjfp that freestyle is the closest to that in the last 13 yrs
  16. Well Eminem has talent but he'll never be one of my favorites a lot of his fans don't respect the history of rap I do find recovery album inspiring though I'll give him that
  17. BTW we're all grown folks here cursing shouldn't bother us as long as the music is good is what matters I want lyricism over dope beats
  18. BTW I was just thinking maybe will doesn't want on Jeff's albums since other rappers on them are cursing?
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