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  1. Gangstarr tribute mixtape rip guru 8 years later
  2. Jjfp code red album while watching heat sixers
  3. Jjfp home base remixes album it's freaky playing summertime on a 40 degree day today after an 80 degree day yesterday
  4. Lacey Sturm "Mercy Tree", beautiful song to start off day..
  5. will smith & tra-knox willow is a player, i wonder what's her thoughts on this song now that she's a teenager haha
  6. LL Cool J "Luv U Better" to me is my favorite love song from him, more people think "I Need Love" and "Hey Lover" but I refer to this song because it was released around the time I met my special close friend Krystle with today being her 30th birthday I figure to share this song:
  7. toni delivers as usual, the album is brilliant, such a beautiful soul...
  8. this "one more day" video with charlie wilson is quite moving...
  9. When it comes to classic posse cuts this 1989 "Back On The Block" track by Quincy Jones featuring the classic mcs Big Daddy Kane, Melle Mel, Kool Moe Dee, and Ice T with Tevin Campbell singing on it was historic in the sense that 30 years collaborations in hip hop weren't as common as now and it was historic in the sense that a legend from the old school jazz generation of music Quincy Jones reached out to the hip hop generation for a collab of the ages, it ended up winning the 2nd grammy in hip hop history in 1990, by 2020 quincy jones should reach out to all them again and maybe add a few more legnds like fresh prince, ll cool j, krs one, chuck d, queen latifah, mc lyte, and mc hammer to it and call it back on the block 2020:
  10. Speaking of LL Cool J, I never had any idea of this 10 year old remix with Mariah Carey until I was browsing music yesterday, have any of y'all heard this before?
  11. Just wanted to send out a quick message to my extended fam, hopefully the buzz on "Freak Accident" will continue to grow and Jeff drops "Magnificent 3" soon and all of our shadow dreams come true continually through 2018, happy Easter....
  12. like i mentioned it's kind of ironic that 2 of the top 20 rap albums ever made to me both dropped on march 29th
  13. happy anniversary he's the dj, i'm the rapper, 13 years since lost and found too...
  14. https://www.newsday.com/entertainment/music/ll-cool-j-sirius-radio-channel-1.17697758
  15. i see that too, doesn't seem like they're too hyped about his music
  16. i was thinking making this an old school hip hop thread where we post videos/audio/interviews from the classic artists in spirit of LL doing it for the legends!
  17. well i hope he wrote it, he needs to prove haters wrong and write the storytelling material that makes him a legend, either that or have slick rick write for him haha....
  18. hopefully the younger hip hop artists listen to this station and get inspired to make better music
  19. we're approaching the anniversary of lost & found, we could only dream that an album will come on good friday, it'd be heaven sent....
  20. thanks for all the insight AJ, too many people sleeping on craig mack...
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