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  1. I wanna see will drop a tribute to mj in his memory today
  2. Big daddy Kane just dropped a new freestyle indeed a great time for real hip hop stop sleeping.
  3. Not to forget wyclef recent!y dropped a carnival remix album as well hip hop is living people n if u want that old school LL has that rock the bells station
  4. Happy father's day 2018 will should release a trib to his pops today...
  5. If we do it on Facebook I'm down!
  6. It's fresh for 2018 I think Jeff and amir should be on a new mix for fathers day jjfp family in willennium haha...
  7. Over 10 million listens on Spotify don't call it a comeback! Not even LL cool j does those numbers anymore on his new songs.
  8. I'll have to check that, sometimes I feel that even though legends are still capable of releasing better new material than the current artists they might do better off remastering their classic music n promoting it for the new generation
  9. The hate new music gets is unbelievable if the proper artists got supported music would be in a great state
  10. Maybe there'll be a full length version with all of this sudden music now..
  11. Well like Tim mentioned will worked on 7 albums so don't xallbit a comeback
  12. Just imagine the reaction if Jeff backs him up again...
  13. I guess Will's desire for hip hop is stronger than ever.
  14. Jjfp with lost and found edge would lead to bws success
  15. I made a playlist on Spotify of my 100+ hip hop fav albums
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