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  1. Yeah I don't want big Willie style 2 I don't want no sequel unless he does a song with Quincy Jones called back on the block 2 with legends featured
  2. Btw if Will thinks he was burning out on lost and found he truely is a legend cause that didn't sound like a rapper on his last legs
  3. BTW I love that this freestyle dropped the same day as the anniversary of Marshall Mather's lp the most overrated album ever willenniim was way better for the record f Eminem and all the ignorant millennial fans who ruined rap it's time for legends to shine again BTW I don't wanna offend the real jjfp fans that like Eminem I'm referring to the bandwagon rap fans that act like Eminem is the only good rapper
  4. I'm a bit emotional since I wish my father was alive so I could share this with him but I know he's smiling from heaven now
  5. This is the reward for me coming on the board almost everyday for the last 13 years no matter what I always knew he'd be back this is the reason why he's my favorite hip hop entertainer a true emcee to the core
  6. This makes me wish he was on Jeff's album even more but I'm sure something is cooking up
  7. Woah he's spazzing out lyrically watch out haters FP is back
  8. Y'all are appreciated since momma knows
  9. On another note a viral album from the 2010s I dig is Dr Dre's Compton album from the top movie straight outta Compton and I think the best Eminem album since 8 mile is recovery because I felt inspired by how he overcame addiction
  10. From a quality standpoint those albums top the viral albums of the 2010s
  11. I know a lot of us here don't like the state of music but there's still quality music out there just gotta dig in the crates since basically 99% of these albums didn't even go gold Krs one the world is mind Keith sweat dress to impress Janet Jackson unbreakable LL cool j authentic Public enemy most of my heroes still don't appear on no stamps TLC TLC Quincy Jones q bossa nostra De la soul anonymous nobody Kel Spencer lndnwd v1 R Kelly love letter Snoop Dogg the bible of love Wyclef Jean carnival 3 Jennifer Hudson I remember me Charlie Wilson in it to win it DMX undisputed Nelly 5.0 Krs one the bdp album Chuck d the black in man Nas Damien Marley distant relatives Busta rhymes year of the dragon Keith sweat til the morning Heavy d love opus Faith Evans biggie the king and I Common the dreamer the believer Michael Jackson Michael DJ jazzy Jeff m3 Dayne Jordan memoirs of... Nas life is good A tribe called quest we got it from here thank you... Game the red album Game documentary 2 Kem intimacy Johnny Gill game changer Ronald isley this song is for u Toni braxton sex and cigarettes John legend the roots wake up Pharrell girl probably the most popular album on my list Lecrae anomaly Mary Mary something big Mary j blige a Mary Christmas Marian Carey the elusive chanteuse Toni braxton babyface love marriage and divorce Public enemy nothing is quick in the desert Honorable mention the DJ jazzy Jeff and mick boogie summertime mixtapes
  12. Good story but and in this corner still had success it went gold I used to think it was jjfp worst album but it grew on me over the years it was ahead of it's time
  13. We need to spread the word about this work of art Tim should post this on the site page
  14. The album dropped today steamed half on Spotify it's so fire
  15. So anyone actually listening? I figure that jjfp fans would love this station!
  16. I was hoping with the delay that they'd worked out something will could've emailed Jeff a song with doing more online things now
  17. M3 is coming may 8th prayers that FP is on it
  18. So who's listening to rock the bells? I'm loving falling in love with hip hop all over again
  19. Haha that's dope reminds me of I'm looking for the one
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