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  1. that's some promising news for 2018!!.....
  2. i really hope that the reason why m3 is delayed is cause he's trying to get FP on it...
  3. so nobody's been voting for LL? where ya at AJ, Jim, Turntable, Da Brakes, Tim, Kev, etc???
  4. at the end of this year as we reflect on 2017 many of you JJFP peeps should feel grateful to have seen them live a few months back, maybe in the future more of us will be as fortunate, thanks for the memories JJFP!
  5. sure this isn't will's greatest hit but i wouldn't go too far to say this is the worst song ever, will could do the abcs and sound better than all the garbage music with negative messages out today...
  6. yeah this album brings me back to a good time in my life like i mentioned, hopefully there will be more new music from JJFP soon enough https://www.axs.com/will-smith-s-big-willie-style-turns-20-years-old-this-year-116273
  7. today's the 20th anniversary of this classic, would be nice to get some more activity on this board and get some good discussion on how this album impacted our lives...
  8. hey JJFP fam i just wanted to share how thankful i am once again for this board, it's brought me through a lot of dark times, especially recently, it's now fitting with the 20th anniversary of Big Willie Style how relevant real hip hop music is, god bless always, btw check out this recent poem I wrote "Time Of Season" fitting for these trying times: i know some of us feel sad since it's not the same as the past but if we give thanks for what we have we learn to feel more glad and things don't seem so bad it's really a refreshed perspective making the best of the lessons even when we can't see it the best is really still ahead there will be an end of debt to a feeling that's more blessed able to achieve like acing tests doing much more than breaking even there's more releasing of feelings spreading love this time of season
  9. welcome to the board djsmokeys, like your avatar! besides fresh prince and ll cool j krs one is up there as one of my all time favorite mcs, those 3 are my biggest influences because they always keep it true and keep it positive and are just damn great artists, i always believe if the 3 of them do a song together produced by quincy jones or dj premiere with jazzy on the wheels it'd resurrect hip hop from it's dead state...now i believe there's a section on this JJFP.com site of all the original samples that JJFP have used over the years, don't know if it's still there but feel free to look around, peace homie....
  10. yeah big willie style is will's thriller album, don't say nothin woulda been another legit single for that album, it's a perfect song for the haters, ala mama said knock you out:
  11. i noticed that this thread hasn't had much life to it lately but i feel with everything going on in the world right now we all could use some support and loving so here I go, I wanted to share this john gray world message that i found recently:
  12. on another note i believe if will released a music video for "chasing forever" the "big willie style" album woulda had more critical acclaim that it does since it's the perfect wedding song:
  13. that song really has hit home for me over the past year after the loss of my pops a year ago on november 1st, life is precious,,,
  14. With all the panning of "Get Lit" it's time that I bring fresh perspective. On the most part since "Big Willie Style" the majority of Will's popular songs have been party songs and soundtrack songs with the exception of "Just The Two Of Us", songs like "Tell Me Why" and "The Rain" weren't hits, only true fans like us know them, so unfortunately I could see how casual people could judge him to say he hasn't been lyrical since "Summertime", like he said in "I Wish I made That": "Summer, Summertime seems like all I got". He let his Hollywood career ruin his hip hop image, he's tried to hard to keep up with the times rather than being true to the essence of real hip hop, the same thing has happened to LL Cool J in the last 20 years as well, my other favorite rapper with "Mr Smith" being his last album that his lyrical songs were released as hit singles that's why people think he fell off too, the sad thing is since 2Pac and Biggie died people don't pay attention to albums anymore and the only albums that people pay attention to have had lyrical hit singles, for instance in my eyes people should be saying Willennium is just as soulful as Jay Z Blueprint and LL's 10 should've been as big as 50's Get Rich Or Die Tryin' but they didn't release proper lyrical hit singles...
  15. JJFP need to do a remake of Nightmare On My Street to bring back life to the board....
  16. the music industry has gotten hideously worse in the last 12 years since lost & found and it was getting bad then, i repeat NOBODY is putting out anything groundbreaking in this time period compared to 1980-1999, i'm not being stuck in the past, i'm speaking from a quality standpoint with facts, the mainstream don't pay attention to rappers spitting bars anymore or else chuck d and krs one would be going multiplatinum...
  17. realistically it turned out nas was right when hip hop is dead since most of the best rappers in hip hop history since all the best mcs are over 40 years old or they're dead, maybe the best thing for the old school acts to do is just make remixes of their classics since that what most people want to her from them..and yes as much as i like tyson and holyfield they don't measure up to ali and frazier, the same ting applies to hip hop, 99% of what's come out since 2000 is weak compared to 1980 to 1999, even lost and found ain't on the level of he's the dj, i'm the rapper, it's a FACT, old school will always be on top..
  18. we know jeff would bring out the best of will and us true fans would dig it and even though the masses don't really pay attention but the true heads have been digging into the return of quite a bit of the old school artists these days like wyclef jean, public enemy, krs one, big boi, snoop dogg, dj quik, and even unreleased music from the late great biggie on that duet album with faith evans, a tribe called quest, de la soul, mc hammer, bell biv devoe, common, busta rhymes, etc, JJFP would fit right in with the classic rap renaissance of 2017/2018 and sure they might never sell millions like justin bieber and taylor swift but there's always an audience for old school hip hop and it gets back to my point that they'll be forever relevant because they're bigger than the flavor of the month with more credibility!
  19. jeff seems to do it the right way as i said, that's the greatest resource, hang out for a week and get something done, FOLLOW JEFF WILL!
  20. well in the sense of the concept of albums i'm basically living in the past since on the most part the highest selling albums sell between 500,000 to 1 million now when 10-15 years ago it was 3 million to 10 million +, back in 2002 eminem sold over 10 million with eminem show but in 2013 with marshall mathers lp it barely sold 1 million, basically now even established artists like Public Enemy give albums away for free and they tour(even Jeff gives away a lot of his mixtapes on his website), the internet ruined the concept of having multiplatinum success but you could still be successful other ways...
  21. i'd rather see this song get lit get airplay more than 99% of what's out now and it'll led to more music if it goes viral so promoting it is a win win!
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