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  1. Can't forget skillz da rebirth n fuq the list is endless lol I wanna see him do something with Quincy jones ron isley n Eddie levert too while they're still alive
  2. What I really wanna hear is something with jjfp potnas dayne jordan, ke l Spencer,da brakes, and yours truly on the hook haha
  3. Another issue some fans have too is that he's featured on a parental advisory album and cussing why wasn't he on all eyez on me then?
  4. Music is music to me it doesn't matter if you're a senior citizen like the ojays or you're as young as chance the rapper but it's just a fact that logic is not as classic as James Brown
  5. I like the song he still got it but obviously this is the first time logic is mentioned on this board so I know most jjfp fans rather see him keep it classic although the song sounds like a home base song
  6. I think more of us would be hyped if he was rapping with de la soul or Pete rock
  7. I was listening to 'LL interview dre on rock the bells and they said they recorded a ton of great records over the years that never released publicly and dre mentioned he's been talking to jazzy Jeff recently about returning to his dj roots btw I wonder if will was involved with any unreleased sessions over the years I would love to hear 14 shots to the dome 'll with code red jjfp and chronic dre on some tracks it would be legendary
  8. See some peeps posting for the first time in awhile good to see jjfp peeps still repping
  9. I know that the forum isn't really popping much these days but almost every morning I come on here praying for some jjfp news and on this Easter weekend 2019 I'm playing homebase among other classics dreaming of the return of the essence of hip hop well I'm gonna get off the soapbox with this rant to whoever reads this post thanks for taking your time out to debate the state of the game over the years and prayers for a resurrection of the music industry on resurrection weekend 2019 blessings jjfp fam
  10. Long time no see Jim hope you're well brother! Btw this is probably the best drink champs besides the 'LL cool j one from a couple years ago...
  11. Mariah Carey emancipation of mimi album
  12. Kanye West golddigger when he was good to listen to
  13. Today is tims birthday let's show some love to the man who started this board we should make bday posts this year again
  14. It's gonna take a refreshing younger mc to emerge like Kanye was in 2004 to get lost and found then well maybe if he gravitates to those like chance the rapper j Cole and Kendrick Lamar then there's hope
  15. Yes you mentioned this album to me on a facebook pm a few days ago I've been listening to it non-stop on spotify
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