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  1. Word I wish Will would deliver to the music audience more often cause we all know it's dope stuff
  2. Put it on YouTube originals will, more music fans go on YouTube....
  3. I finally came to my composure to post here this restores my faith in hip hop long live jjfp
  4. We miss mj and Prince but the music lives on Krs one spiritual minded album
  5. Congrats hopefully he drops the album soon while the buzz is hot so he could win an Oscar and a Grammy in the same year
  6. I think its a good pick aj we all can't front like we only listen to old school hip hop everyone has guilty pleasures I'll admit I listen to those like Miley Cyrus and Britney spears on occasion too Jazzy Jeff summertime 3 mixtape
  7. One of the dope things about will and jjfp is that a lot of the material you can stream digitally now unlike other artists that hold back their catalogs he's now gaining popularity online for his music as one of the popular current artists again showing that age ai nt nothing but a number in hip hop
  8. Email some to Will Jeff we want another he's the dj I'm the rapper haha
  9. It's great to see Aladdin sparking interest in jjfp again
  10. Well looking back at this track a month later this was actually a nice leadoff to the Aladdin success maybe this will lead to an appearance on Jeff's summertime mixtape again soon and another album
  11. A lot of people call Jay z the goat for being a billionaire and they don't mention Will Smith in their top 5 mcs but will has a stronger discography than Jay z and he's a top box office attraction
  12. I'm tired of people praising Jay z and puffy for making business moves and in the same breath they call Will Smith and mc hammer sellouts when they do business other than music people are hypocritical
  13. Set to fulfill prophecy Most choose to not believe But I'm about to be lifted higher to achieve At a higher plateau than the most expensive weed All the demons just can't see Like Donny Hath away sang someday we'll all be free As each storm rolls along I'm inspired to write more songs the feelings are expressed so strong righteous living won't go wrong doesn't matter what year it's released as long as it's the classic peak More classics will release enhanced vision like lenses to see I will outlast all of the greed the president will get impeached justice will be deemed through each lyric that's on beat
  14. On the day fresh Prince returns in Aladdin I continue my worth of rappin My heart yearns on more passion being righteous is ultimate attraction honeys cling to me like a magnet My new material is stacking It's all worthwhile to be bragging Competition is digging their caskets My albums will be compared to he's the dj I'm the rapper Mama said knock you out the chronic and illmati c You won't sleep on me like a craftmatic You're a toy story stuck in the attic There's all truth in my rhymes Most rappers tell nothing but lies They sniff too much white lines I don't need drugs to mess up my mind They all claim to be the greatest of all time And they lose each battle at the drop of a dime They let the industry Rob them blind I've been mastering my poetry designs Way before 50 was in da club I'm set to expose the fake thugs In this digital era there's no classic material But I won't ever sell my soul big Ted will stay original You never had a friend like me who's the authentic individual
  15. Is there any new hip hop or r n b albums that dropped in the last year that you think would stand the test of time? I try not to be stuck in the p ast but drake or cardi b don't do it for me they make ja rule and nelly sound like big daddy Kane and rakim and vanilla ice sound like 'LL cool j haha
  16. He actually performs it better now than in 2005 haha!!
  17. Wills turned the clock back fresh Prince is back!
  18. By coming to this board everyday shows I'm a dedicated jjfp fan who loves old school hip hop but that don't mean I wave po m poms for everything they do we all make mistakes but I'll reserve anymore judgement until the album drops hope this is a warm up for commercial heads but fans of classic music want more
  19. I'm well aware it's 2019 I support some of the younger artists like Kendrick Lamar game j Cole n chance the rapper but since I'm over 30 I'm not gonna listen to everything a current teen listens to you're right nobody is perfect if wills new album turns out wack I have the right to be critical all our opinions matter
  20. To all the amazing moms out there thanks you are appreciated
  21. Well in relevance to this song it's a good **** talking song bragging how he's all that but I want some more grown man talk like thoughts on trump and life in general it's good for a warm up but I want a stronger follow-up to lost and found than this after almost after coming here day after day after lost and found dropped my expectation is high
  22. The bar for talent in hip hop has lowered severely over the years I remember how many peeps on the board called 50 cent a wack rapper when lost and found was first out
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