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  1. cant help with the url stuff, but i definetly agree, no more was an awesome song
  2. The saddest thing ive seen lately is how jacked up america is, i know its the richest country but man its corrupt, seems like nobody cares about anyone but themselves,it seems like nobody has morals or integrity, which leads me to my next question, Where do you think America will be in ten years
  3. For those of you that bought Jeffs new mixtape, whats your favorite song so far? I'd have to say my favorite is broken dreams.
  4. The Prince is awesome and he'll always be my favorite rapper and actor, but i agree with hero1, i wish he would do more stuff with jazzyjeff, and i wish he would stop talking about cussing if hes gonna do it on the next track. Oh well
  5. The episode when Jazz stays at Wills house, the doctor hillary likes says he'll cook dinner, and Jazz says "You didnt even bother to eat the pop tarts I made for dinner"
  6. It always seems to me that the Prince does best when hes relaxed, for example, his albums with Jeff as well as BWS seemed to be bigger successes. Hes done well with L&F, but he didnt seem relaxed. I dunno
  7. Fresh Prince is an awesome rapper, but after BWS, ive enjoyed his movies more than his music, but i still think hes great as a music artist
  8. Im sure im supposed to know this, but after i looked at the back of the cd cover it looked like jazzy jeff wouldnt be on every song. Are all the other guests producing songs, or helping jeff produce them?
  9. Switch is doing great, but if we wait til the momentum from switch is gone, will's new single will be isolated from the public and some media. However, if will releases the new single now, whatever it is, will receive more radio play and garner attention from the media.
  10. Lost and Found is awesome, but ima have to go with Willenium. It seems to be more of an original album for will.
  11. Its gotta be AITC, its freakin awesome, not to mention "then she bit me" is one of the best tracks ever made, hah
  12. Ludacris would be awesome, but im about sick of hearing him on the radio, maybe somebody up and coming would help garner attention for partystarter.
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