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  1. Man, I damn nears spasmed when my girl told me that it leaked...I mean, I'm tempted to dl it, it doesn't matter cause Imma buy it, cause I wanna read the credits
  2. Hearing Will curse in his songs is bound to happen - because he does it with ease in movies, script or not. People gotta remember, that before Will even released an album, that his lyrics contained cursing till his Grandma set em straight. So it wouldn't be none too surprisin
  3. Agreed! There could be other tracks on the album that are better suited to be released as videos! All I hope is that out of the songs he decides to release as videos, I hope that there is one serious song amongst it! Yeah I think a serious song should definately be released as a single to show a different side to Will that the public doesn't always see so they assume that he's just a party rapper, but it'd dope if there was another party track released for the summer like "Pump Ya Brakes" as well. :kool: Well the better this album does, the more dope singles we'll get. You gotta remember how fickle this game is, as much as I may want a serious song myself; to keep him in the public eye, a serious song will NOT cut it. You have to keep their attention grabbed, and we all know that the minute a serious song (Unless your name is Eminem) is released, they find something else to listen to.
  4. Um..it's obvious Jadakiss did "Why" for the publicity/controversy...look at his past material, look at the material on the album, and Why is the ONLY track with any real content. It's not a put down, it's the truth. Anyway, after reading this thread, it seems alot of you are not answering the thread starters original question; 'Who is Real, and Who Is Fake', someone of you are talking about rappers not offering solutions to what they rap about. If what they rap about, is what they know, how are they being fake? They don't rap about 'saving the world', or 'being role models to kids', so saying that they curse in their raps is totally irrelevant to the topic. Yes, it's good to vent about what you DISLIKE about the rap game as it is right now, but that's all you're doing, venting your dislike. And your dislike is not defining who is fake, and who's real.
  5. http://www.soundclick.com/util/streamM3U.m3u?ID=2199539&q=Hi http://www.soundclick.com/util/streamM3U.m3u?ID=2199539&q=Lo http://www.soundclick.com/d2productions Top Track
  6. Its about 10 songs down people, even the name is in the title lol
  7. This would prolly give us an idea of what Will would sound over Just Blaze production
  8. Oh be quiet, it is NOT that serious. I swear, some of you be acting holier than thou sometimes
  9. Exactly, as much as I can listen to this remix, "Switch" is definately not that type of song, plus, the Step craze went out the moment R. Kelly released "Happy People"
  10. I voted for the Ele remix, but I liked all versions of the song - includin the Lil Jon mixtape remix
  11. it sounds like he says something about jada at one point. I have no idea what hes says lol, good luck typing up the lyrics for that one haha. It sounds better the more you listen to it tho. Elephant Man's lyrics, straight from another island cat;-) 1st Verse Gyal me like the way you shake you booty, and the way that you get jiggy wit it (Everybody dance and switch) All poppin off over ya head, rock away like Ele and Will fit it.. (Everybody dance and switch) Do the summer bounce and then wiggle ya hips, set em off like Jada Pinkett (Everybody dance and switch) Step in the name of love inna the club, watch how the girls ah do ____ some with it... 2nd Verse Who say movie stars can't dance, on the dance floor, we nah give them a chance - that's far as I got lol
  12. In a club it's even better man, at home it is just great - in a club it is DOPE!!! :laugh2: Exactly...and this is the point they seem to be missin :-)
  13. With Interscope, they usually update the site the day the album drops, they did it with Game's and 50's sites
  14. Wow @ the massive hate on the track, lol - add the cat that said it makes him question the album..homie, if you a fan, be a fan, if you're going to let something like a producer stop you from liking someone's music, then you're not as big a fan as you claim to be. Yes, we all like to go back and listen to the old school stuff, hell, it's pratically a shrine to why I started rapping in the first place. Ya'll making this sound like it was the worse thing since Hitler. It's not that serious people, it's either vibe, or don't vibe, golly lol, sometimes Hip Hop Purist, may be a bit TOO Pure.
  15. Now this is what I call a remix, this right here, would make a nice video
  16. Well...damn, I wish i had me an open relationship like that lol
  17. Will Smith...yes, Fresh Prince of back in the day...No.
  18. I wouldn't call myself a pro, but my quality is damn sure close to it, and trust me, my setup is not that expensive. That's easy for you to say man 'cause you're signed to a record label ain't u? :dunno: One would think so ;-), but naw, Im not, I just act like I am - that way when I do get signed, they wouldn't have to do much work with me IF any work is needed at all
  19. Track was recorded for my upcoming album, "Pain & Paradise", produced by Jamez Bund. Let me know what you think. http://www.soundclick.com/util/streamM3U.m3u?ID=2049550&q=Hi http://www.soundclick.com/util/streamM3U.m3u?ID=2049550&q=Lo
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