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  1. I wouldn't call myself a pro, but my quality is damn sure close to it, and trust me, my setup is not that expensive.
  2. The lyrics are fine, however, your flow sounds a bit choppy over this beat, and if this going to be an album single for your album, I'd work on the mixing of it, uses WAY too much reverb/delay. If you need tips on mixing hit me u.
  3. Um...Jay was credited, along with Eminem on Forgot About Dre, and "Hello" with Ice Cube. Knoc'turnal is also credited for tracks on Chronic 2001. Even if you ghostwrite, it's a legal matter to be credited for it.
  4. If that's all it is, I agree w/ you, I don't like it a whole lot, but I understand what he's doing & it's not a huge deal... but Skillz's lyrics seem to imply a whole lot more... I dunno, but def interesting... Skillz song is also just that, a song; used for pure entertaininment and shock value. It's MEANT to get you to think more than it actually means - he's pratically implying ont he song he was never paid for his work, do you think that it's true? of course not, I doubt Diddy, JD or even Will would cheat him out of a paycheck
  5. Because that was the only album he was helped on as far as I know anyway, i think Nas also helped him with it; Will talked about it in an interview I read, where Columbia used them to bring his image up to date
  6. It's not that they're bad with updates, just bad with vocab, cause later on in that paragraph they say "In stores now.."
  7. Um...Rakim smokes weed anyway homie, he was in an ad for this jewelry place, HIGH AS HELL...plus, no one knows the real details between what happened with Rakim and Dre, that and the fact, there's a new song by Ra produced by Dre floating around. Anyway, even if Rakim was his favorite rapper, you don't bite the hand that feeds you
  8. and No he didn't, whenever Jay mention's Will, it's always talk about sales, "Ghetto ____, still putting up Will Smith numbers"
  9. Nas is ALOT more fake than Jay-Z, Jay-Z doesn't spit about what he hasn't done, unlike Nas who was just a bystander to what he writes about
  10. And this is a fan? Sounds like you quick to lose hope
  11. Yeah, mad cats at the forum I post at on a regular, are lovin the cover
  12. That would've actually work, had I not also stopped using the email I originally registered with lol
  13. Heh, not really guilty, just lazy, I had a name on here before, but i forgot what it was lol
  14. Naw, that was a mix my DJ did for a mixtape, I just sang the hook
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