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  1. You sir, seriously need a clue. You're downgrading the audience, because not every video out has throwback jerseys, champagne, etc. A Good video is a good video, period - stop tryin to be a hip hop purist, and enjoy music no matter who puts it out.
  2. I had this same discussion with Hero, for those of you that think Switch is doing well, wake up. Switch is the weakest track on the album, and is not being well accepted by the general buying audiences - if any of you knew the music industry as well as I do, then you'd know that the album is in a decline because of the lack of a better single out. If "Tell Me Why" or "Party Starter"(Which is circiling like 4 mixtapes right now), was released, then we'd back on track - As important as international sales are, Will's selling audience is stationed in the US, and here in the US? Switch has run its course, and if a new single is not dropped soon - be it the Switch (Remix) with ELephant Man, Party Starter or Tell Me Why, and I mean soon, not June, because by that time, the album will be forgotten and sales will decline like nothin.
  3. I actually agree with you on this, I think it's because Born To Reign spoiled me when it came to the beats on Will's albums. That album was possibly his best album musically.
  4. Well biting is big word...but he's using some lyrics and the same idea! He's not biting, he's paying respects to the line - it's done all the time, and normally it's with well known lines by other artists, because they know that fans are goin to point it out.
  5. See, this is what I like to see - when cats lay down their point with statements to back it up rather than "So and so is a legend, that's why he can do such and such". That's like givin them immunity because they've been here so long. I have the level of respect I need to have for anyone of the old school, but it's not goin to take away what I've gotten from the new school either - because when it comes to music, everyone gets a chance to be listened to.
  6. Simple question, No. There is NO rapper in mainstream right now that can match Twista's speed, I mean, c'mon be real, the dude was in Guiness for GOd's sake.
  7. I break it down like this, Willenium and Born to Reign are my favorites, Willenium for its lyrics, but Born to Reign for its production. The production on Born to Reign is untouchable
  8. LL is at peace with himself now, he don't have to battle other rappers now if he don't want to, but if anyone comes after him, he could still end their careers. Did you actually listen to his last 2 albums? Even his worst albums "14 Shots To The Dome" and "10" are above average, he never came out with a garbage album. He still has a lot of skill left, "Feel The Beat" has more punchlines than Jay-Z' whole catalog in my opinion and how the hell could Jay-Z beat LL when he can't even beat Nas? : Uh yes yes y'all feel the beat y'all Freak freak y'all You don't stop Uh yes yes y'all feel the beat y'all Freak freak y'all You don't stop [VERSE 1] When Def Jam signed me They hit the lottery It wasn't free but don't call it a robbery They underestimated me quite possibly It's like that when you a godfather B I'm the greatest of all time You heard that before But now when I say it It means so much more Cause It's so true No hype man, No crew No reason for ghost writers Every year I get tighter Mothers and daughters agree I'm on fire Check ya T-Mobile it's all over the wire Cross ya legs baby hide ya desire You think I'm hot You preaching to the choir Smiling and giggling Thirsting like Gilligan More flavor than cinnamon They rush with adrenaline I make 'em nervous I do it on purpose I come back hotter Every time I resurface Drop to ya knees baby Praise the king Now ask Russell Simmons Who built the west wing I ain't gotta be cocky I do the damn thing Paint ya girl with strawberry frosting Internationally known and respected You talk slick I'm too large to be affected You crank call my cells disconnected You keep slipping but my games perfected [HOOK] Uh yes yes y'all feel the beat y'all Freak freak y'all You don't stop Uh yes yes y'all feel the beat y'all Freak freak y'all You don't stop Uh yes yes y'all feel the beat y'all Freak freak y'all You don't stop Uh yes yes y'all feel the beat y'all Freak freak y'all You don't stop [VERSE 2] I'm a star for real my aura is crazy Hollywood love me in the streets I'm gravy Born with a gift to inspire the hood You wanna out do me and I wish you would I'm the master separate from all these cats I'm laughin in '86 I balled like that Honey catching feeling from sittin in Maybachs Cause her project hall is smelling like Ajax That's understandable but everybody relax Hate when folk get money and don't know how to act I'm a multi millionaire homey that's a fact But it's not the ice that makes ya wife react Been had an entourage and platinum cards Been getting swedish massage in Boca Raton What you think all them years I ain't pop no Don Spend a night in Trump Towers with a blue eyed blonde I been did it all my Benzes was kitted When you talk like a baller you tickle me with it But yeah there's money out there come on lets get it But I'm a get it in such a way you never forget it Let's go twenty platinum albums in a row Sixty thousand fans a three hour show I could care less who drop and blow My name is LL baby that's beyond the flow [HOOK] Uh yes yes y'all feel the beat y'all Freak freak y'all You don't stop Uh yes yes y'all feel the beat y'all Freak freak y'all You don't stop Uh yes yes y'all feel the beat y'all Freak freak y'all You don't stop Uh yes yes y'all feel the beat y'all Freak freak y'all You don't stop [VERSE 3] These rap cats get upset with me When security clear out the V.I.P If honey wanna lounge we gone see ID Ain't no negotiating you gone pay my fee I'm the boss I call the shots to keep it hot I don't have competition I'm bigger than the slot While you waste advances on grey market rocks I cop municipal bonds and Wal Mart stocks A family man but hard as a rock And I die for my kids so stay off my block They might be impressed with you but I'm not After all these years I still walk with a bop Still keep the ink hot Still scheme like a fox Still ready to battle You don't want your career stopped Industry shocked cause I mapped out a plot And ran around humble with my joint on cock [HOOK] Uh yes yes y'all feel the beat y'all Freak freak y'all You don't stop Uh yes yes y'all feel the beat y'all Freak freak y'all You don't stop Uh yes yes y'all feel the beat y'all Freak freak y'all You don't stop Uh yes yes y'all feel the beat y'all Freak freak y'all You don't stop After hearing all the crap on the radio, how could honestly say LL's washed up? :hilarious: I wasn't gonna say anymore, but you gotta respect LL for what's he's done, it's not like Jay-Z' gonna still put out a great album 10 years from now, LL probably still will be putting out more great albums as long as he's still living, stop hating on the legends. I'm not gon discredit your opinion, but homie, if you seriously think that LL Cool J of all people can END ANYONE'S CAREER at this point in time, you are SADLY Mistaken, and blinded. Secondly, it's funny how cats continue to say that Nas beat Jay-Z, with his "Yo Mamma Joke" Ether, when Jay-Z spoke nothing on all three tracks he had directed to Nas, 'Takeover' and 'Blueprint 2' he talks about Nas trying to be commercial like him, he talks about Nas going from Black Girl Lost to Oochie Wally, he talks about using Nas's voice for a track and Nas not making a DIME off of it because of his jacked up publishing. Listen to the tracks, and you'll see there's nothing but truth, where as the best Nas could come up with is "I Rock hoes, ya'll rock fellas". Are you serious? And if you want to get into those type of disses, then go listen to "Super Ugly". You can try to discredit Jay all you want, talking about punchlines - Jay was never a punchline rapper, though he can spit them with the best of em, but its not his style. So LL having more punchlines is pretty much irrelevant at this point. All I'm sayin is, if you're going to attack Jay for doin rap to sell, then look at LL for the SAME exact reasons with the last 3 albums he put out, that featured 3/4s Timbaland production, 3/4s Neptune Production or even 3/4s Trackmaster production - all 3 with little to no substance like his previous work. Plus, as much as you may not want to believe it, evem with a hit single like "Head Sprung" off his recent album, or even 'Hush', LL's popularity is still not where he once was.
  9. had to go with Could U Love Me..track is way too much of a played out topic for me - i always skip it everytime i listen to the album
  10. And I'm sorry to anyone that said Jay can't be compared to LL, LL had his time, that time has passed. LL's last two albums, are PRIME EXAMPLE of someone doing WHAT sells blatantly. The album before that, G.O.A.T also shows that LL is reaching hard as hell to prove that he still has his 'street cred', even though its hard to even take him serious with it.
  11. Um...1, Jay is never seen with a truck with rims in his video, Jay doesn't wear throwbacks, hasn't worn a Throwback since Blueprint, if you seen a Jay video, he barely has women in it, unless it caters to the song (Dirt Off My Shoulder, and Excuse Me Miss, etc.) Like I said, too many hate on Jay for no reason whatsoever, and as far as the classic comment? Wrong again, Jay has Reasonable Doubt, Blueprint and Black Album, his albums (outside of The Dynasty) have all been above average. Like I said, the blatant hate for Jay, especially when, like I said before, especially when he's been true to himself as an emcee, and has not changed since the day his first album dropped (Except for his subject matter, but you cant speak on the same thing forever, you change, you grow up) Ya'll seriously need to stop being such hip hop purist, and like an artist for what they give you, ESPECIALLY if that artist is being himself and not just doing what sells.
  12. How is Jay-Z part of what's wrong with the game right now? Jay has done but stayed true to who he is, and how he came up. He has one of the best flows in the game right now, hell, his lyrics are up to par - Jay has never disrespected Hip Hop in no form or fashion, and is now President of Def Jam. It's either blatant hate or just a blindless to what you listen to. In the words of Jay himself, "Do you listen to music, or do you just skim through it"
  13. You hate Ele', fine - but to go on to say you like Snoop and his character (A man who's done gangsta rap his whole life, even over those rnb styled beats that you like so much - just more weaker than before), but you know nothing of Ele's character. Alot of dancehall/reggae artist don't like gays because they feel it's sinful and wrong (Although, that doesnt justify the blatant hate). The way the express their displeasure is through music, does that mean they walk around everyday and shout "I hate gays"? Nope. Trust me, I've met Ele, they don't.
  14. That's the thing. I think a lot of the sinister undertones in dancehall music fly over most peoples heads outside Jamaica cause it's so hard to understand! :sad6: Or maybe it was made for Jamaicans, and those of the Caribbean...and never really was expected to become that huge in America and other places that dont understand it?
  15. without will's knowledge...you aren't that gullible are you?
  16. I like to think Will didn't know about some of his content. I don't know his personal views on gay people, but I'm sure he'd find these lyrics kind of disgusting. What do you think? Please don't take this as an attack on Will. I was just surprised he worked with him, but like I said, he may not know much about him and his record label could've just linked him up with him cause he's considered 'cool' in some circles. The issue is well known here in the UK after he had his MOBO nomination removed for this reason. Considering Will has worked with Cam'Ron, Lil Kim, Eve, Big Pun, Petey Pablo, Ludacris, do you really think it matters he worked with Ele? This is the music business, you can't fault a man's views on he feels, no matter how wrong it was, but that shouldnt stop you from working with an artist. It's not like you're becoming the best of friends, just getting together to make great music.
  17. Will's production team from Overbrook if I'm correct.
  18. All the more reason why Party Starter needs to drop NOW.
  19. 1. Clinton Sparks & DJ S1 – Legends Intro 2. Ghostwridah – Freestyle 3. Will Smith - Party Starter (prod. by The Freshmen) 4. Fat Joe – Party Arty 5. Epik ft. Game – Get On Down 6. Jae Hood – Freestyle 7. Clipse – Where You Been (prod. by Clinton Sparks) 8. Beanie Segil – One Shot Deal (prod. by Just Blaze) 9. Freeway of the ROC speaks… 10. Freeway ft. Mully Man – Buck 'Em (prod. by Clinton Sparks) 11. 112 – My Mistakes (prod. by Trackboyz) 12. Jae Millz – Who (prod. by Swizz Beatz) 13. Fat Joe ft. Nelly – Get It Poppin' (prod. by Scott Storch) 14. Clinton Sparks speaks… 15. Black Rob ft. P. Diddy – Knock 'Em Out (prod. by Clinton Sparks) 16. Benzino – Her 17. Beanie Segil ft. Snoop Dogg & Dr. Dre – Don't Stop (S1 Remix) 18. Ghostwridah – So Hood 19. Kanye West – Improvise 20. Fat Joe ft. Mashonda – Listen Baby (prod. by Swizz Beatz) 21. Clinton Sparks interlude… 22. Morgan Smith speaks… 23. Morgan Smith – Blow Your Whistle 24. Capone of CNN speaks… 25. CNN – Stand Da F*ck Up (prod. by Clinton Sparks) 26. Busta Rhymes ft. Flipmode Squad – Get Down (prod. by Clinton Sparks) 27. Dramills – Freestyle 28. Lil John speaks… 29. Vice Raw ft. Angelous – NC to NYC 30. DJ EFN Letting You Know… 31. Ghostwridah – I'm Focused 32. Clinton Sparks – Outro 33. DJ S1 – 88.1 fm Public Service Announcement
  20. I know this cat ain't say start a religion of sorts based on JJFP...see, that's just taking fanatic too a wholllllllllle new level
  21. I actually agree with you on this, I felt musically Born to Reign was the best, the production that album was very nice - where as the production on Lost & Found sounded too much alike in terms of the drums that were used.
  22. *shakes head* Look, if he curses, he curses, don't defend it by saying he's stressing the point, ESPECIALLY on those two tracks - on tell Me Why, fine, but those two are just casual. Just accept the fact that he actually cursed, and didnt really have a reason to.
  23. What difference does it make who produces the album as long as its hot?
  24. Just because it's the only JJFP (Which has yet to be concluded, considering none of you have the actual CD), doesn't mean that it's not weak. I love the lyrics, especially when they were done over "How We Do", the Spiderman theme is a turn off.
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