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  1. This year's Olympics are really great. We just won Men's hammer throw I hope Bolt doesn't use doping, because he is literaly unbelievable:)
  2. the word scramble is Trevor Colins. "My love for you is like a river, like a summer breaze that makes my soul shiver, one look from you is more precious than gold,......" :)
  3. those videos on youtube don't work, it says that they have been removed by user...
  4. my favourite track on this album is The Reverend :wickedwisdom:
  5. yeah me too, it's about time they go back to work and stop whining about not earning enough money....
  6. that video is dope! :wickedwisdom: i can't stop watching it...
  7. video is great, i haven't seen it before, it has a nice relaxing feel to it :wickedwisdom: btw does "daze" means anything at all or it is just "day" said differently? dude's got some football skills:D
  8. tnx it works fine now.. the remix is really great :thumbsup:
  9. wow he has really changed, he looks nothing like he used to. i wonder if he can still dance;)
  10. i have seen him on an episode of CSI, he was a witness to a murder but he was partially blind :stickpoke:
  11. wow i didn't know PE were still playing
  12. they are really great i first heard them on one tree hill
  13. I agree with Visgo, will is better at comedies than at drama movies, at least for my taste
  14. I bought live 8 dvd and Summertime wasn't on it. Awesome performance thought, live 8 was a lot better than live earth
  15. i agree. the fpoba showed that will is a hilarious actor and it promoted him as a rapper also
  16. definetely season 1 :thumbsup:
  17. i wonder how long will they stay together, considering all this ego in one place
  18. haha its hilarious just german commentator voiceover bothers me. its too bad really, all german tv stations synchronize english shows to german language instead of simply putting in subtitles
  19. i totally agree. and even those nobrainer so-called reality shows are all directed and people are just acting, really stupid
  20. why is everyone so hyped about this movie??
  21. can't wait to see it but premiere in my country is on 2nd of August:S
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