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  1. this episode was on discovery just yesterday;)
  2. its called 'sorry seems to be the hardest word' , i like the version with ray charles too damn i didnit know that 'i will always love you' was a cover anyway my favourite cover is matchbox's 20 - time after time
  3. is it permitted to talk about torrents on this forum?
  4. it says on wikipedia that it is will smith but he couldnt be cuz the guys lips are just too thick
  5. check this one out Dog Eat Dog - Summertime it's not hiphop, but its a great summer song
  6. is this the movie where he is going to act with nicolas cage?
  7. now thats decent it's just like in the FPoBA when he made a rubics cube for the guy from princeton
  8. things were so much simpler when batman was a cartoon;)
  9. if i would go to philly i would surely go see the famous stairs that both will and rocky ran up;)
  10. this remix is great. is it just me or is the switch part a little faster? i like that
  11. in which program do you make these videos?
  12. trailer is great can't wait for the movie
  13. i'm just trying to ignore this whole thing cause this woman is getting on my last nerves
  14. hehe the best is when he's presenting something and he is scratching the air
  15. i really believe that when an artist or a group appears on mtv, their next album will be basically crap (the difference in quality is really obvious). but i still kind a like to listen to commercial hiphop, because i like the beats (i really don't care much about the lyrics):) btw: how come i can't read topics in JJFP rare tracks forum?
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