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  1. Da Brakes: just got it. Yeah! :laugh: Hero1: i will ;)
  2. wow just today i was checking events happening in april around me and i couldn't believe my eyes when i saw that Jazzy Jeff is coming to Maribor, Slovenia. at first i thought that it was some tribute playing his stuff. the place he's going to perform is literally 100m from my dorm. I'm soo excited :laugh:
  3. i'll give you a hint: ...you sleep in ____ ____ :)
  4. Jazz: i sleep naked with the window open, i hope that don't bother you. Will: no that's cool with me, ... :)
  5. gitchi gitchi yaya dada :wickedwisdom:
  6. i'll give you a hint: ...... marks;)
  7. in the same episode C-note gives a tip to some guy, telling him to go to the bank and get some....
  8. darn i don't know which of these it is: -jaaam -yeah boy -hhh :D it's hilarious, no wonder hilary couldn't stay serious during shooting that scene:)
  9. "ok, and who am I?" man, this one always cracks me up:D
  10. Yeah it is, great guessing, it was a hard one...
  11. What was Uncle Phil's nickname in college? It is revealed in the episode when his friend who owns a shoe factory tries to bribe a counsil with Will's help
  12. he had hair like James Brown. and then Will laughs: He had hair?!:D
  13. Yeah, it is. Man I just love that line:D VIsqo, the floor's yours
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