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  1. wow, people really like to mess around with songs instead of making new ones!!! Lil john and the infamous Yeah, Okay, and WHAT? they lowered will's voice so i didnt really like it. i think from the original, elephant man, and lil john mix, the best is The ORIGINAL!!!
  2. sweet... diffrent, but sweet! :dj: :music:
  3. Who is the other guy in the room? why does he hate will so much!!!
  4. Hey you guys, so i was waiting for "24" on monday, and the last recap of American Idol came on. One of the songs sounded like "1000 kisses" from Will and Jada. Did anyone catch who could tell me if it was a Will Smith song, or am i just mistaking?
  5. :dj: :birthday: :dj: Happy Birthday
  6. Hey you guys i listen to "switch" like 10 times a day, at least. but does anyone know where i can listen to any other songs from the new album??? i would really appriciate some help!
  7. i personally love the cover so much. West Philly and Hollywood, with Lost and Found as the stores behind him, and Will looking bad ass as ever. whoever designed it is awsome!
  8. i make one flash back scene for Hitch, and the pimples wont go away!!!
  9. i think they did a great thing. it was so original. they show him in school, in his own style, and then an episode or two later they show how he got there. no other show did that. i really liked the fact they did that, and i didnt realize it untill i got the DvD, becouse i had never seen the episodes in order.
  10. So openning week hitch made #1 in the box office (U.S.). How long do you think it will stay up? I think its gonna stay #1 at least threw this weekend, i mean the movies opening are Son of the Mask, Because of Winn-Dixie which are kid movies but dont look that funny, and Constantine which people will (for some reason) see, so it the only real competition. (does anyone else notice that Keanu Reeves really acts the same in all his movies. the comercial for this seemed almost the same as the comercial for matrix!) and all other movies this week are more independent which dont make #1, although some of them should!
  11. I was just woundering how many people on the forum bought FPOB on DvD, becouse the more people buy, the better, and sooner they will release the next season. If no not too many people buy it, then they will not release the second-six seasons. So How many people bought it?
  12. Accually, i noticed there were 2 aunt vivs becouse of Jazzy Jeff, "You know mrs. banks, ever since you had the baby, there is something diffrent about you!" that was awsome. but it took me a while to realize there were 2 houses!!! trouble was i came to america and started watching in '96 after the last episode, so all i saw were re-runs, so all of a sudden this one day it hit me, oh my god there are two houses... How did i miss that one!!!
  13. Im pretty sure its gonna be the chris gardner project (forgot the name!), becouse his just producing allot of the other movies.
  14. PLEASE STOP LISTENING TO CRITICS. i hate critics, who are they to tell us what movies to like and dislike. who cares what they think of a movie, i think it depends on what people and us the fans think about it that counts.
  15. sweet song, kinda of mix of born to reign and willenium feel to it
  16. if you havnt heared switch how do you rate it? if you have heared it... HELP ME: tell me how i can hear it PLEASE :bounce:
  17. FPOB undergoes changes on DVD its better in my opinion
  18. wait L&F? what do you mean by lost and found?
  19. wait so, it this like a math problem or what? what are we to figure out?
  20. is this what US is waiting for? to release the 2 disc spacial edition? to wait and be abel to say "own the 2 disc special edition of the movie oscar nominated for best visual effects." god i hope it beats spider man 2. (Im talking abolut i-robot by the way) i wouldnt be able to stand it if spider man 2 won...
  21. has anyone seen this? I heard will smith is in it allot. Is it good? worth seeing? or Buying?
  22. doesnt the tittle say 4 oscar nominations? i only know about the visual effects one, what are the other 3?
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