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  1. I think that this is the only chance i have to hear L&F in time, since here in PT is no official release date yet. :bang:
  2. :werd: but let ppl talk about whatever they want. i refuse myself to go down to their level, what comes around, goes around. remember this
  3. Everybody respects Jeff for what he is and for what he has done for rap/hip-hop. but all these good critics are all more than fair and he deserves it.
  4. Already ordered it. Just waiting for the delivery
  5. :ditto: My guess is also around Opening Weekend: $23.4 million Total U.S. gross: $101.4 million.
  6. Yeah , you heared well. and, yeah it was already posted, but ok. its only Tuesday February 22.
  7. yeah i think this album will be much more direct and hard. and the colabs with some artists make ppl think that he's gone gangsta, but i seriously doubt it.
  8. Man i just watched it 2 times and i just can't find her. where did you get the info from?
  9. I just hope that Will, will focus on movies abou in a year or so. It's defiatly music time. But you must remember that Will is not just alive in America. I have to say that he has fans all over the world. expecially in Europe, but Will is all over the World.
  10. :werd: Yeah it needs time to ppl start realize. they are just to lazy to type some words. once you can vote for it you'll see...
  11. I usually say that "you ge what you deserve" and FPOBA deserves #1
  12. Will is Everywhere. :lolsign:
  13. Was anyone able to download the video and the audio. i can't. who can send it to me?
  14. :werd: Yeah what has that to do with JJFP Too Damn Hype???
  15. Try to record it and put it up for us :bowdown:
  16. just voted, but switch is still not in the list. had to put it up manually
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