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  1. Yeah, in a place like that, u gotta keep in mind that it's stressful for people 2 take their pets 2 a place where the might HAVE to make them uncomfortable...and owners are usually very protective of them. At the photography studio i work at, people are of course going 2 be extra protective of their families, pets, children, etc...so if u don't make them happy with your photography...some people get really mad. Being mad or aggresive would only make the situation worse...after all, they DO have a reason 2 be the way they are (sometimes). There are also people out there who simply like 2 fight. And it ruins their day 2 not give them the fight they want. However, there has been 2 or 3 times when i've gone up2 the front of the store 2 back-up a co-worker having problems with a customer. They kinda people who are out 2 cause problems...the second they take it 2 far, i'm ready 2 take it 2 the hood and tear them up...ha ha.
  2. Yeah, it's important 2 keep in mind, that even when we aren't happy with our jobs...2 remember that we are lucky 2 have them. Customers can also get annoying (no matter where u work) but i think that the best thing 2 do is get back at them by being nice and calm. A customer has 2 go pretty far 2 actually have me get offensive towards them...and if possible, i usually just walk away from them and get someone else 2 take care of them rather than risking causing a scene and losing my job.
  3. Thanx 4 the newz!! He's doing Jelly Beans also!! That's kinda cool, that's a movie produced by T-Boz (TLC) and Dallas Austin which is about the skating rink they grew up at where the music and dancing kept them outta the streets. Bow Wow doesn't bug me anymore like he used 2. Since he's grown up (and dropped that ill song "My Baby"), he's been cool with me. After all, he's one of the only people that's putting out Hip-Hop that's not loaded with explict lyrics.
  4. I waz wondering what kinda jobs u all have/had. In an attempt 2 get 2 know each other better, i waz interested in seeing what kinda things we've all done. So, 4 those who wanna participate, let us know where u work(ed) and what u do/did. My 1st job waz with the grocery store, Food Lion. I waz a bagger. However, as the years went on, i did basically everything but ran register. I cleaned, stocked, all kinds of stuff. I actually got the job only cuz my mom's friend waz the manager there. The 1st 2 years were actually really fun. I had a great group of co-workers and we just had alot of fun...business waz also kinda slow usually. I stayed there another 3 years cuz i waz expecting profits (adding up 2 thousands of dollars) but i realized in my last months that i didn't have enuff hours during some of those years 2 get it. Since things got worse and worse (and i obviously didn't wanna work at a grocery store all my life), i got outta there. Currently, i'm working at The Picture People. It's a photography studio aimed mostly at kids...but we do EVERYTHING. There, i'm training 2 be a manager...i do some of the best photography in the store and do all the lab stuff as well. I love this job (as much as u can love a job). Holidays and big coupon events are horrible when we are busy...but otherwise it's fun. The website for the company is www.picturepeople.com. My other job, which i hardly call a job is at a dinner theater. We have shows every Friday and Saturday nite as well as Sunday matinees EVERY WEEKEND. Most shows run about 2 months with a total of 6 shows each season. We rehearse for about a month 4 each show (while the other is running). We also help prepare the food and wait tables, THEN we do the show. The audience gets 2 hit-up a salad bar and hot buffet, then we bring desert out 2 them (which often has half the cast stuffing their face b4 the show....ha ha. We get paid a lil' bit 2 do the show, but the real money is waiting tables during the dinner hour (it pays off 4 those long rehearsals). It hardly feels like work 2 since u are doing something u love. Well, those are the main jobs i have/had. What do y'all do?!?
  5. Yeah, i saw that 2 nites ago. I waz gonna go 4 it, but since it's not new music from Jeff, i'm gonna let this one go. After all, by the time i would be gettin it in the mail, it would only be a few days b4 it gets released here in the US. On top of that, it's probably missing the full artwork that the commercial release will get. If i waz in the UK, i'd definitly get it tho.' Cuz i'd get 2 enjoy it weeks b4 it got released.
  6. HEY!!! Long tyme no see. Glad 2 see u found us!!
  7. In 1989, Paul Shaffer (David Letterman's right hand man) released and album with a track called "When The Radio Is On" that features a rare, nearly un-heard of rap by Fresh Prince. Just 2 years ago we found the 12" single of this song (featuring remixes) on ebay. Well, 12" is nice and all..but we all know CD quality is superior. Well while i waz checkin' out ebay 2nite, i found the CD PROMO SINGLE of this track (which i didn't know existed). Much 2 my luck, it waz on Buy It Now for only $5.99. Just wanted 2 share my joy with y'all. Here's da link... [url="http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=4005014128&ssPageName=ADME:B:EOAB:US:6"]http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...DME:B:EOAB:US:6[/url]
  8. As much as we dog Columbia, the sad thing is, they would have put Will's track on the soundtrack. That Bad Boys II soundtrack waz awful. Nearly every artist waz wack...and the ones that wern't only donated album filler trax that they wouldn't put on their own albums. The Wild Wild West soundtrack waz nice, Overbrook put a solid soundtrack 2gether mixing established artists and new artists. It wazn't the best soundtrack ever, but i can still pop it in and listen 2 it start 2 finish. The Men In Black soundtrack is classic. It had the same formula and better music. But that BBII soundtrack, WOW, it's awful. Basically, it's totally commerical rap artists. Very little talent can be found on it. There's not one ounce of substance 2 it.
  9. Congratz!! Ebay is where i got the bulk of my JJ+FP collection. If people are out there trying 2 build up their collection...now is the time. Will Smith stuff isn't gettin' much attention on prices so bids are few and prices are low.
  10. Yeah, the mixtape is gonna be released in less than 20 days, Soundtrack To The City has been in production 4 a while and Will and Jeff did get 2gether 2 record stuff 4 Will's solo album. If u look online, u can find a 12" of A Touch of Jazz trax. Jeff didn't produce them but he did mix 2 of the 3 trax on it.
  11. I said something about this years ago. Will said in an interview b4 the album came out, that he wazn't putting "Wild Wild West" on his album (obviously cuz it dosen't fit). Of course Columbia stepped in and insisted that it be on there since it waz a huge hit. Will definitly recorded that interlude as a way 2 show that he didn't want it as a part of the album.
  12. He's The DJ, I'm The Rapper is one of those albums that, in the early days of Hip-Hop, would attract people who typically wouldn't listen 2 Hip-Hop....something Will's has continued 2 do 2 this day.
  13. No way, i don't think u can blame them for the way Born To Reign waz taken. If u don't like them, then u don't like them, but i think that the lack of promotion killed it's success. Will's experimental efforts on the album is what turned some fans away from it. I think some people wanna blame Tra-Knox so that they don't have 2 blame Will 4 not giving them what they wanted.
  14. Yeah, the people seem a lil' over sensitive. U can complain about just about anything these days.
  15. I waz just tossing ideas out...it just seems highly unlikely...u know what i mean. Looks like a April Fools prank 2 me, someone PLEAZE proove me wrong cuz i want this 2 exist.
  16. [quote=Hero1,Apr 2 2004, 10:47 PM]it may be funny for you guys... but when you've been waiting for a jjfp album for 11 years you dont wanna be played like that april fools joke or not[/quote] I waz so happy when i started reading cuz of the whole mtv.com source thing...i waz smiling with my jaw dropped (trust me, it's not very comfortable). However, when i got 2 the middle, i waz thinkin' this is just 2 good 2 be true and the reference 2 Columbia seems 2 fake. My heart sunk...u totally had me 4 a minute...which actually made me mad even tho' it waz just a joke.
  17. That would be cool...i would totally go out and get that JUST 4 that CD with unreleased trax. However, this dosen't make ANY sense. Will himself didn't like Wild Wild West much, why would he choose it as part of a "Greatest of All Time" box set when he has other movies like ID4 and Six Degrees that he could tack on as a part of it. The MIB, WWW, and BB soundtracks were the only soundtracks that had great success...why would he be putting the Ali and MIB2 soundtrack as a part of it. We are also talking about Will here, he dosen't like 2 mix his music with his acting. And that duet album...there waz only ever rumors of Will doing a track 4 one of B.I.G.'s album...where did the Funkmaster Flex, Jam Master Jay, and 2Pac collaborations come from!?!?!?!? It's also strange that Funkmaster Flex is the only person they mentioned that waz still alive. Also, since Will wazn't recording thru' out 1995 and 1996, it means Will waz recording vocals 4 those 2pac, B.I.G. trax AFTER they were both murdered. Another thing 2 think about, by releasing this, do u know how much paper work would have 2 be done 2 put all this copywritten stuff 2gether that has 4 the most part been done by totally different companies. Another thing that seems shady is the price....$150!!?!?!?! Usually 6-DVD sets go 4 that much...it says this a 15 peice deal, the price seems 2 low 2 me. Also, where's the release date? Where's the promotion? I'd love this 2 be true...but it seems rediculous. Oh yeah, and why would it end with "Jazzy Jeff was unavailable for comment"...it dosen't mention Jeff at all and what would he have 2 say about it...ha ha.
  18. That is freakin' wrong!! I seriously wanna drive up 2 your crib and egg it. Yo Tim!! Delete this garbage b4 other people get crazy hyped then disappointed. It started sounded fake to me when that "Will comment" saying "It's great to finally be off Columbia" popped up....Will wouldn't say anything negative like that in the press.
  19. 23...it's cool 2 know that fans of all ages get down with JJ+FP. And i think alot of u will agree with me that i don't really feel an age gap with anyone on the board.
  20. Yeah, i wish we could at least get a version without his stupid vocals screamed over the track.
  21. This is one of those few trax where u have no idea where it came from. It's not on any albums, and singles, any imports, and promos. Basically, we can hear it, but it dosen't exist (if that makes sense). I'm guessing some one from the record label (maybe FP himself or JD) actually let it get out on white label or something.
  22. DJ Jazzy Jeff produced, scratched on, and co-wrote the song. Fresh Prince had nuttin' 2 do with it. Jazzy Jeff also remixed this song!!
  23. Yeah, most current Hip-Hop and rap is so bad that it's easy 2 be motivated 2 collect old skool.
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