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  1. I remember seeing that "Act Like You Know" waz advertised as a future single somewhere...but it never happened. I think it would have saved the album providing it got support. Columbia never stuck 2 their plans when singles came around. For Big Willie Style, Yes Yes Y'all waz used in advertisting. For Willennium, Afro Angel and The Rain were used in some advertisments. If they would have gone with more solid singles (and better songs) like those instead of the commercial stuff like Miami, Will 2K, and Freakin' It...i think things would be different.
  2. [quote=WildWildWillennium,Mar 27 2004, 09:59 PM][img]http://images.amazon.com/images/P/B0000004WZ.01.LZZZZZZZ.jpg[/img][/quote] Jeff: Is there something in my teeth? Will: Ugh! What was the last thing u ate?!?
  3. When something tragic like that happens, i have no problem if the group retires or pushes on. I totally understand why a group would wanna retire after losing a member. But at the same time, i like the idea of them continueing on the legacy of the group b-cuz it's what they love. The only thing i would not like is 4 a group 2 "replace" a member, that's just stupid. I waz really awaiting the next Run-DMC album. During the Crown Royal album, they were going thru' some drama and were working their way back in2 the industry. The focus this time waz gonna be more on Hip-Hop rather than fusing rap and rock. Their friendships were stronger 2. I can't imagin not hearing new Run-DMC but i know they have the right kinda reason. If they did the production themselves (don't know if they are really producers) or had lots of other producers handling it, i'd gladly support them. TLC waz kinda in the same situation. During FanMail, they were going thru' personal drama and all that waz fixed. The focus on the new album waz gonna gonna be taking it back 2 their roots (no commercial futuristic funk) and they wanted 2 do and album of songs featuring all of them rather than putting on half solo and duo trax. TLC has said they will no longer release new albums, but that TLC is 4ever. They still show up at events 2gether and have talked about a farwell tour AND working 2gether on their solo albums (they are also producing movies and sitcoms 2gether). Both of these losses really hit me hard cuz they are amoungst my favorite groups of all time and i grew up with both of them. Rest In Peace Left Eye + Jam Master Jay
  4. I heard them sing LIVE acappella...they were incredible. Born To Reign waz Will's vision, not really theirs.
  5. Don't worry, there's more...i just have had tyme 2 post them... .
  6. I definitly want Tra-Knox 2 do a track or 2 on the album. After Born To Reign, it would just be weird 2 NOT hear them on at least one track. I'm sure they will be on it unless they have fallen out with Will business-wise. Tra-Knox is an incredible talent, but i don't think they got 2 do their thing on Born To Reign. If their album ever comes out, i'm sure it'll be NOTHING like Born To Reign. Think about it, most of us love "I'm Comin'" which featured them, Will just took a different approach on Born To Reign by putting them on every song. Since it sounds like Will is going back 2 his signature sound, i think Tra-Knox will really get 2 do their own thing if they are on the album.
  7. Overbrook and A Touch of Jazz are 2 different companies with 2 different visions. It's not like they are competing or anything. A Touch of Jazz is a music company created 2 ignore all commercial industry qualifications 2 just focus on music...all kinds of music with no limits. Overbrook was started 2 bring more positive things out (not your average garbage). Such as All of Us, the news show that focuses on only "good news," the Love & Basketball, and WWW soundtrack. Overbrook concentrates on all forms of entertainment AND artists who can do it all (act, sing, produce, etc). JJ+FP have been artists 4ever, it waz time 4 them 2 branch out, take other people under their wing and show that they have business minds as well as creative minds.
  8. Where y'all at?!?!?! Are y'all alive?? :poke:
  9. Wow!! I can't believe that people are still about this site. It definitly served it's purpose when things were on and poppin' 4 the Will Smith online community. Since so many people seem 2 be interested in updating it, maybe we'll have 2 do that when the new album comes out and when the WS online community is a bit stronger.
  10. Will has said in interviews that he likes 2 play positive roles (good guys)....so if he is the bad guy in this movie, i'm sure the character will be very interesting if this movie every happens.
  11. [quote=PTluv777,Mar 26 2004, 04:25 AM]I suppose if he's still struggling to get a lable, then its worth it.[/quote] Will Smith dosen't "struggle" 2 find a label. That's as silly as saying Madonna is struggling 2 find a label. Will is huge, nearly anybody would be interested in him. Since Will said that he isn't releasing anything right now since he dosen't like the way the industry is, he clearly isn't pressured 2 find a label 2 put anything out. I'm sure Will is really picky about what label he's on (especially how Columbia treated him) so when he's ready 2 put the album out, he'll sign with a label.
  12. I don't want an album loaded down with cameos, but here is a list of artists i'd like 2 hear work along-side Will (even tho' some of them are highly unlikely). L.L. Cool J Run (and/or) DMC Kel Spencer Queen Latifah Skee-Lo Ahmad T-Boz (and/or) Chilli Usher Alicia Keys Boyz II Men Glenn Lewis
  13. Me and Wes put this site 2gether back when the WS/JJ+FP online community waz HUGE and really close. Some of u might wanna check it out. www.geocities.com/willsmithsfans It's got bios 2 old and current fans, letters, links 2 fan sites, poetry, etc.
  14. Born To Reign may not be Will's stongest album (at least not what many of his fans wanted), but no hating is allowed in here. In other words, if u ain't got nuttin' nice 2 say, don't say nuttin.' Give props where they are due. BORN TO REIGN - nice beat, lyrics are insane. Will definitly puts most of todays succesfull rappers in their place...Go on FP!! ACT LIKE YOU KNOW - this is an ill club banger. Listen 2 FP's flow...it dosen't get any better than this. I CAN'T STOP - FP's races the rhyme on this one (just incase some of us doubted him). I love the soundfx he makes. The production is like something not many emcees would even attempt 2 flow over. 1,000 KISSES - Nice love joint. Breezy summery sampled beat and an almost-poetic lyrics. WILLOW IS A PLAYER - Man, i wish FP rapped on this track instead of singing. This song is so funny. Misleading lyrics that only FP fans will understand. Can't believe Will is singing...ha ha. HOW DA BEAT GOES - Old skool party joint....no FP album would be complete without a song like this. BLOCK PARTY - Laid-back Hip-Hop beat that provides the perfect summertime cruise-worthy joint. Let's u know that FP hasn't changed after all these years. GIVE ME TONITE - Yo, FP outdid himself on this one. The lyrics are fire, something most of us fellas can relate 2. The beat is rich and heavy and has some of the illest dirty guitars i've ever heard. I GOTTA GO HOME - Reggae flavaed Hip-Hop joint...who knew FP had this track up his sleeve. Another joint that most fellas can relate 2. I can totally see the video 2 this song already. MAYBE - Grown-up love track. Totally accomplishes putting his feelings in2 this joint. The production is a lazy...but not totally in a bad way. Poetic delivery...something different. MOMMA KNOWS - Nice beat and great song 4 young people 2 hear. NOTHING ON MY MIND - Wow!!, breezy, laid-back, summer track. I can't wait til i can relate 2 this track again...ha ha. I like the way Will plays with his flow. Hate the album if u want, but FP really took a step outside of the box this time and experimented in crazy ways. U have 2 admire his confidence 2 do an album like this.
  15. [quote=MooseKnuckles,Mar 22 2004, 08:26 PM]try weed..or shrooms, or shots of vodka[/quote] Yeah, cuz that garbage would fix everything. (sarcasm heavily intended)
  16. [quote=MooseKnuckles,Mar 22 2004, 04:19 PM]its the same thing as school of rock...except with rap...i dont get it[/quote] That's the point....it's a Hip-Hop version of the movie. Of course with Will in it, i'm sure it would be kinda different.
  17. "Act Like You Know"...hands down!! The beat is bangin'...FP's flow is insane. I waz expecting the whole album 2 sound like this until we found out more about it. I think this is definitly one of the best solo trax he's ever done.
  18. Congratz!! Those are defintly amongst the best albums 2 get 1st. Let us know what u think.
  19. I'm not going 2 share all of my sources b-cuz i've promised not 2 relveal some of them and promised not 2 share EVERYTHING they share with me. I'll give u a few tho' simply cuz when i get newz from certain ones, i state who it waz from. Some of my older inside news came from Keith Pelzer and Darren Henson who used 2 work with A Touch of Jazz. I had the benifit of talking 2 them (espeically Keith). Back then i also got 2 talk to Kel Spencer's girlfriend who waz at the time working at Overbrook (have no idea if she dose anymore). Of course i've also talked to Ready Rock C, Kel Spencer, and Kel's assitant as well. Occasionally i get 2 talk 2 DJ Jazzy Jeff and i've also talked 2 Irize. I've never gotten 2 talk 2 FP, but that dosen't mean i dont' have a way 2 contact him...ha ha...it's just never worked and it's slimmer than the chance Will + Martin had driving that porshe thru' that opening at the airport in Bad Boys...ha ha. There is one other source i havn't got 2 talk 2 in awhile, but Tim has (a shout out goes 2 her 4 keeping us posted). p.s. I won't eleborate on any of this so don't ask. :biggrin: Either choose 2 trust me or don't.
  20. All those things play a part in the JJ+FP magic...but i also chose chemistry. The main reason is that nearly anybody can TRY 2 be original, fun, humorous, etc...but chemistry is different. Chemistry can't be created, it just is and u can't explain it. Chemistry lets u know that some things were just meant 2 be. 2 be honest, 2 people with chemistry are better than 2 people with talent. But when u have chemisty and talent, u end up with stuff like JJ+FP.
  21. [quote=Hero1,Mar 19 2004, 09:57 PM]to the janet fans out there..any1 like "got til its gone" ?? that is the dopest track..and the single has some great remixes![/quote] "Got Til It's Gone" is dope!! Man, i LOVE that song. The single waz never released here in the US so i've never heard the remixes (except 4 the one on the "Together Again" single). I've seen import versions online that i've always intended on getting one day. Other Janet favs of mine are Escapade, Together Again, That's The Way Love Goes, The Best Things In Life Are Free w/ Luther Vandross, BBD, + Ralph Tresvant, Again, And On And On, Everytime, etc
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