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  1. I just got money and I'm gonna get more on my birthday.
  2. Christmas is over for us lot now. It's now BOXING DAY. Happy Boxing Day (whatever you're supposed to do on that day)
  3. Just switched song FuQ - Rock Me Da Brakes - Understand is next
  4. So you gonna improve your song or you gonna do all the stuff Da Brakes said on the next song?
  5. Da Brakes - Understand. This is some wicked song. :dj:
  6. Yeah you definitely used Usher's music to Got It Bad
  7. Nah go on B2K and you should see girlfriend or go to www.windowsmedia.com and type in B2K - Girlfriend. You should see it there.
  8. It was too hard to sleep last night cos I wasn't excited but I kept thinking about Christmas. Merry Christmas Once Again
  9. Hey are you gonna make your a song called Passion? I read the lyrics. I thought you would of put the song up (only if you've rapped it)
  10. Merry Christmas. 00:03am. Finally it's Christmas. Now I'm gonna go sleep. Anyway, hope everybody has a lovely Christmas or had a lovely Christmas
  11. Yeah well the internet isn't that safe is it? But what do you expect. There are good and bad people in the world.
  12. But if there was, I'm sure people would put the wrong age in....if they REALLY REALLY wanna get in.
  13. This is the forum that has everything...
  14. Are you talking about the Song or Video? Cos I think Fan_4ever was talking about the song. http://www.willsmith.com/indexset.html You can watch the video of So Fresh on the site but you need realplayer :thumb:
  15. What happens if nobody joins? What will your friends say then? There was no point of making a new forum when we already got this one with all the news, info, songs...
  16. The song turned out good. Oh well, I'm sure all of us will enjoy reading the lyrics (as you said)
  17. FuQ - Teenager Well I'm going through all his tracks according to his site in order. :thumb:
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