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  1. Um..it's not my b-day. I'm now 12 years old + 1 day :thumb:
  2. Just switched the song...FuQ - Why'd U Become A B****
  3. sorry! :sad6: :kekeke: Yeah, you might wanna go wild on your birthday party :thumb:
  4. Yeah I can imagine the episode right now. Wait let me think of one. Sorry can't think of one. Somebody else...
  5. Hold up, what song I got that make y'all wanna party? Put on DA Brakes Rock Me beat, that will get y'all goin. :thumb: Hold up, how we supposed to have an online party? :what:
  6. Haha. I am listening to him right now. Actually I'm gonna all day. Can never get tired of him.
  7. Thanks. Btw, my birthday is today not 28th December
  8. FuQ - 4 Us. (Gonna be listenin to FuQ & Da Brakes all day)
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