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  1. Thanks Brakes. Gonna go out later. Too early right now though...00:15. Gettin myself clothes with my Christmas money :thumb: Sorry & kbfprince. Thanks a lot.
  2. The tidal wave went everywhere. Lots of people died in Sri Lanka right? More people were found dead now. About 27,150
  3. FuQ - Teenager...4 Us....Why'd U Become A....Summertime'04 & then Str8 Fire.
  4. 22,000 people died cos the earthquake. R.I.P
  5. Duhh. FuQ is my favourite rapper and Da Brakes is my favourite MC. FuQ - Rock Me
  6. There are other good rappers on this site. Check them all out. Da Brakes - Understand
  7. I think it spoiled the song cos that part sounds proper messed up. The song was quite fast. Most of it was just music....
  8. Hey go on www.dabrakes.com and click on music. It's all there. Enjoy
  9. Btw, why don't you cut the song shorter so we don't have to keep listenin to the music over again? I don't think you really need that part at the end, it spoils the whole song.
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