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  1. Yeah my file will be recorded as .wav and that's way tooo big to send.
  2. Some people supporting Will and some supporting Eminem. Having arguments about who's better lol. Thanks.
  3. I don't know who this guy is. And does anybody know when the album is gonna be released in the UK?
  4. Those look fantastic. Are you gonna use it for the homepage?
  5. willjadafan, do you know if Will is gonna be in any other episodes?
  6. I can record it but the file will be way too big to send.
  7. Can't you watch it at 10pm? Sometimes, Trouble plays episodes back 2 back for the people that missed it.
  8. What's your favourite season? Sorry if this has been posted, havent seen it anywhere.
  9. Do MTV play it a lot?? Cause I watch it and never see it on :bang: All I know that TRL have played it.
  10. Yeah, way too much of Tra-Knox. Willennium was good as it featured other artists not just one.
  11. All the characters did one right in the beginning to introduce themselves. Oh yeah Trey was on there too right?
  12. I'll try to make a wallpaper and send it. It isn't gonna be good though. I can get a background and just stick some pictures but that's all I can do. Search the internet and try to find how to make one.
  13. Saw it. He started rappin in there a bit. I think. I'm not sure. Can't remember some of it
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