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  1. OMG this is fantastic, thanks so much Tim!!!!
  2. have a great time...i love ugly duckling. It's great that they're there too!
  3. can't say i ever go over there myself, but i suppose it's about time it was updated...
  4. aaaw, that's so sweet and spontaneous......i think i'm gonna have to start hinting at my man lol!
  5. Congratulations!! Really happy for you both!! :gettinjiggywitit: :Party_fest09:
  6. I voted POH, coz i think it's the film i enjoyed most on the first viewing; but EOTS and Ali are only just behind it... I do love Bagger, but it's not one of those films that i could watch often, unlike other Will films...
  7. I used to watch this programme when i was little coz my mum's Italian. Seeing Pippo (the presenter) brings back memories! Fantastic!
  8. I love him as both a rapper and an actor...but if i really have to choose i just ask myself would i rather another album or another film, and the answer is another album.
  9. oh yeah, and the bit where Chris jr. lost his captain america really choked me up!
  10. I was a bit teary eyed for a few scenes and then at the end when he got hired i just couldn't hold it in any more...even my boyfriend found it emotional! and i can't believe just how cute Jaden is....he's absolutely amazing.
  11. great pics....just found out that the prem is at the curzon cinema in mayfair. If id've known earlier i def would've gone...
  12. well done kev! happy new year everyone!!
  13. nah unfortunately not. i literally caught him ending the show by saying "persue your happiness".
  14. Will was on T4 this morning, i only caught the last 10 seconds! did any other UKers see it?! also, does this mean he's gonna be over here for the premier? sorry if this has already been posted
  15. lol, being the JC addict that i am i've had this for ages...but it's always good to see it again!!
  16. Defintely play it Kev! I'd love it if i heard it out and about! This a FANTASTIC JJFP song, i could listen to it constantly...lol even my Mum sings along!
  17. I hope everyone had a great Christmas. I had a great one spent with work collegues and friends the night before, and Christmas day spent with my close family and my boyfriend, i couldn't have asked for a better day. I know what you mean about not being able to shake other worries from your mind though AJ, i have LOADS of Uni work to do for the Jan 4th, and although this isn't a huge problem i found myself worrying about it all day. It's a shame coz it only comes once a year and we should all relax and enjoy x
  18. My family are all huge fans of James Brown, and were all devestated at the news. It's such a shame. RIP godfather x
  19. There's no way i could ever NOT follow everything he does. I'm not simply a fan of Will Smith/JJFP's music, i'm a fan of the people that they are. I'll follow Will's carrer in whichever direction he decides to take it. Of course, it goes without saying that i'd be devestated if he did actually give up music for good, but if that's what he decides then he obviously thinks it's what's best for him. I'll support Will forever.
  20. this is being made in a huge issue! Will's obviously just having a laugh with his son, it all seems pretty innocent to me :shrug:
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