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  1. i'm dying for that new digable planets album!!! also looking forward to snoop, mc lyte, hip hop forever 3, but were the hell is The Return Of The Magnificent!!!!.
  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIG WILLIE!!!!! he ain't getting older just better. :3-laugh3:
  3. a little old school HAHA.. JAZZY JEFF AND BRAKES hey could happen dope track gonna check for that mixtape. :2thumbs:
  4. A JJFPCON sounds interesting... just wish i could go and wish it could be closer to were i live. :shakehead:
  5. looking forward to Rush Hour 3.. loved the first two!!!
  6. The Simpsons - Do The Bartman (Bad Bart House Mix)
  7. H-A-P-P-Y B-I-R-T-H-D-A-Y JADA :wiggle:
  8. WII launch around the world. UK DEC.8 $336.99 AU DEC.7 $300.99 EURO DEC.8 $315.99
  9. have some fun on the Nile bro. :2thumbs:
  10. doesn't matter to me what color it is as long as i get one.. i'm kinda disapointed Super Mario Galaxy won't be out till early 07.
  11. what?!! the jiggamans comin out of retirement.. boy didn't see that coming :kekeke:
  12. Nintendo revealed the price and release date for their new console, at a press event this morning in new york the Wii console will be bundleld with "wii sports" and they'll be thirty titles at launch including the legend of zelda twilight princess, and Excite Truck.
  13. wow thats sad.. that mom needs supernanny haha.
  14. man 5 years ago time fly's.. i was 21 i had woke up after 9 i turned on the tv and saw the first tower in flames and minutes later saw the second plane hit just watching everything happen that day was just crazy.
  15. ok this is getting rediculose.. aaaaahhhh well can't beat 'um join'um Chea Bio it's k smith and the crew PENTAGON FOOL PENTAGON BIG PIMPIN!!!
  16. Congrats, to charles getting in the hall of fame defo. aggree with what he said about some of these players now wanting to be stars instead of great players like when him magic, bird, and jordan played.
  17. wow! before i came here i never even new this video even exsited i'd love to see this video, but if they couldn't show it on tv could they have had it like an exclusive on the jjfp greatest hits video?
  18. i'm still trying to figure out... WHAT THE HELL DOES PENTAGON MEAN? haha
  19. Missy Elliott feat. Jay Z - Back In The Day
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