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  1. Wow, i can't believe u went there...ha ha. I remember buying that cassette from Pizza Hut back in the day...ha ha. Alot of good songs on this page of the post. I'm not listening 2 music right now. Just message from Joel Osteen before bed. haha i'm just glad my uncle worked at pizza hut at the time i got mine free.. and if you can't believe i went there then let me go here The Chipmunks and Chipettes - The Girls Of Rock & Roll The Cipmunk Adventure (1986) And Joel Osteen is my boy AJ.. love to listen to his podcast every week.
  2. Happy B-DAY BIG HOMIE!!.. sorry to here it hasn't been going to good.. hopefully you can turn it around to a great one. :thumbsup:
  3. Great artical Ale Thanks Pretty decent list nice to see ''Time To Chill'' in there JJFP have a lot of tracks u can just chill out to from ''Time To Chill, ''Just Kickin' It'' ''Summertime'' I''m Looking for the One'' ect..
  4. That sucks.. FP isn't even nominated this year. 7 pounds wasn't great but atleast give it best actor/actress nods for Will and rosareo dawson i thought thier performace was great in the movie.
  5. Happy Birthday Miss Ash!!... have a great one!
  6. TMNT - Pizza Power Coming out of their shells (1990)
  7. Will Smith - Coming To The Stage I just love the energy on this track!!
  8. Nice letter Jim! I'l bet Jeff want to do that album as bad as we wanna here it!!
  9. Mariah Carey ft Da Brat + Excape - Alawys Be My Baby (Mr. Dupri Mix)
  10. Original 80s TMNT Theme song... Turtle Power!!
  11. Voted! Good luck Homie!! :2thumbs: I tried to vote again but it only let me vote once.
  12. Awesome i'm just he comes back to chattanooga again.. if so i'm definetly going!!
  13. Left Eye ft TLC & Missy Elliott - Let's Just Do It (Remix)
  14. It's hard for me to choose because to tell the truth i want both.. i've never seen them live and of course i want one last JJFP album if they would do 1 last album and went on a world tour. (and maybe release a live DVD/CD) of the tour that would be a great way for Will to leave the game.
  15. Thanks Ale!! FP really needs to keep his chain.
  16. haha one of my fav chipmunk joints AJ Robin Thicke - Something Else
  17. IS there a clearer video its all blury in full screen mode.
  18. Heavy D - Long Distance Girlfrend Vibes (2008)
  19. DJ Jazzy Jeff ft. Little Brother - Whatever U Want TROTM (2007)
  20. Hope you guys had a Happy Easter.. i had a blast eat a lot of turkey and help set up my little cousin's easter egg hunt.
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