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  1. Starting to like this idea more and more, get away from the Oscar chase and return to the series that really put him on the map in Hollywood. Like Brakes said, Classic FP. Sacha would be great, doesnt get enough credit for his acting ability.
  2. First off, I dont think anyone has disrespected the victims with anything they have said, its just a discussion, maybe one that has been a little too indepth because of the subject at hand, but a discussion all the same. Its more to the point of, as much as it pains us all to see Wayne be considered the best rapper alive, if someone is considered that and are willing to be on a track for charity, then you let them be on it. Using different artists may have made the song a million times better, but if those artists dont have the pull to get people to buy it, its a waste of time. So regardless of anyones opinion, the same reason its a good idea for MJ to be on it is because it'll gain more interest, thats the same reason Weezy is present. As bad as that may be for our own personal tastes, its the truth, there are very few artists out there today that have the public clout that Weezy has. But yeah, as much as this doesnt need to be discussed, its about the only topic with any real life in it.
  3. Really who cares, people tastes dont define good music. This is a modern day version of We Are The World, modern day music is dominated by Lil Wayne type artists and the autotune. At least these artists are there doing something to try and make a difference. Honestly, I cant believe we are having such a debate over a charity single for a great cause. Its not aboout if they kept MJ, Lil Wayne was on it, they used autotune or Will Smith wasnt there, it's about raising funds for Haiti, cant we just focus on that and give every artist respect for agreeing/wanting to be on it? Because after all that is the BIGGEST issue.
  4. He's linked to so many movies I'll only believe it when it starts filming, but, I'm not against any of them coming to fruition.
  5. Although MIB2 was pretty poor, the Agent J character can be developed for a series of new movies. If someone scripted it right, its a TV series waiting to happen IMO. I dont think it ever will be (aside from the animated series) but I think the potential is there. Even if its not MIB3 next, i want something light hearted and comedic, but I'm down for whatever regardless.
  6. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748703444804575071663150820760.html?mod=WSJ_hpp_LEADNewsCollection As I've said before, I dont approve of his actions off the course, but I cant wait to see him swing a golf club again.
  7. **** all that. I dont think he forgot about us, but if you insist he did, he did it to be a full time father, something his hectic schedule has stopped him doing for many years. What more defense about his recent decisions or lack there of, do you need?
  8. Jackson 5 - The Love You Save Still my fave J5 track to this day :clap:
  9. I think the point is, whatever can bring more awareness to the song and cause should be done, and MJ being on it willl no doubt do that. However its just a shame some people will buy it because of Michael and not because of the reason the song was made. But money for Haiti is money for Haiti, however you get it.
  10. Incredible, just incredible. I'm glad they kept MJ on the track, but even if they hadnt this is still an incredible production for a great cause. His vocals or not, this song will alwasy be connected to MJ, but thats not the issue, raising moeny for Haiti is. Jennifer Hudson and Usher tore it up. Although its not a competition and both song are for the same cause, this absolutely owns the 'Everybody Hurts' song. Amazing.
  11. Cool, if he is on it he'll probably just be part of the collective chorus, a rap would be dope tho. If Dizzee can rap on "Do They Know Its Christmas", Will can rap on this.
  12. Ted, you should check out Alexandra Burke's version of this. Much better than Brandy's IMO. See what ya think bro.
  13. The iPhone wasnt groundbreaking enough, now they make me want this? Bolox!
  14. tvshowsondvd is reliable enough to be believed even if its the only source. All news has to start somewhere.
  15. Before anyone says anything, audio is on its way, I know I've been saying that a long time, but it's actually true this time, lol. It wont be long I promise. This is a song about artists who have passed away in the Industry, written to Tupac - Dear Mama instrumental. Industry of Angels I remember September ’96 when Pac got shot It felt like music lost the heart of hip hop His legacy always has me feeling sentimental And that’s the reason why I’m rapping on his instrumental Only thing I hope is to bring justice to the track Write a letter, “Dear Mama can you bring Pac back? And why you’re at it bring Biggie along for the ride Coz since they died hip hop’s been on a downhill slide” Confrontation, altercations stunted both their growth Consumed by a beef that became bigger than them both All we have left is the message of their success Always remember me and prove there’s life after death ‘02 in the studio Jay was doing what he loved Jam Master lived for music now he’s cutting up above I was sad ‘til I remembered what Run and D said Replaying in my head “You’ll see Jay again my friend” I didn’t know much about him before he passed away But needless to say I’m missing Eazy E today A drug dealing gangbanger taken from us by AID’s But I’m just glad he patched it up with Ice Cube and Dre I give Meth huge respect for still reppin’ the scene But Wu Tang aint the same without ODB True legends to the culture prematurely deceased J-Dilla sleep well, Roc Raider rest in peace [Chorus] Silhouettes of Angels forming in the darkest of skies Not walking the earth, but still in our lives The memories that you gave us are infinite I feel the spirit around me when I grace the MIC A part of me actually wants to embrace the fatal Because I wanna live in an industry of angels I wrote this verse on the day Michael Jackson passed away And to be honest I really didn’t know what to say I been wracking my brain searching for words to conserve Probing vocabularies to put words to a verse But nothing dispersed; I was left searching for clues Coz when you passed a part of me died with you too It wasn’t Neil Armstrong, M.J, it was you Who taught me it was possible to walk on the moon Motown 25 when you took to the stage You stole the hearts of millions regardless of age And though your flames burnt out I’ll ignite the embers Coz when you left it felt like a family member But when heartache fades and the tears start to dry We won’t remember your death; we’ll celebrate your life I wasn’t born in your heyday, but figured it out soon I think it’s safe to say I moonwalked from the womb Wearing white socks, leather jacket, thriller mask And a shimmering white glove on the right of my hands I swear there’s unborn babies still developing genes In their mother’s stomachs dancing to Billie Jean I saw this kid with his grandfather walking the streets Asked ‘em both who they considered music’s elite To see past generations music up to today They just smiled and both replied “M.J” [Chorus] Now its moments like this when I start to reminisce On how things have changed and how I want to relive The moments of my life when Big L was MVP And Left Eye was still rocking with TLC I give it up to Aaliyah for working with Slick Rick When Bug Pun was on the come up 100% Back when I was a kid I wasn’t a GTA fanatic But now I really wish I was rapping with Mr Magic I may have missed their prime but I got love for ‘em too I’d give anything to see Elvis wearing blue suede shoes Or feel good with James Brown and start to lose control So I could really get down with the godfather of soul I kind of feel inadequate as I write this song But before Freddie left he said the show must go on Marvin Gaye in your lifetime you gave us midnight love And my respect for Luther will never be too much More than a tribute to the people in the poem But a collective salute to all the legends there has been Cant explain the impression there’s too many to mention Just trust me when I say you’re still teaching me lessons [Chorus]
  16. I await Peter Andre's Mysterious Girl being posted... hate myself for loving that song, haha! Its an old convo, but I think Miley Cyrus has some talent too, I think the Hannah Montana thing masks what talent she does have, but at 17 doing what she does at the level she does it at, I respect that.
  17. Ahh man, My Type of Party is dope on so many levels. The way he blends the comical side of his abilties with topical scenerios that has you laughing but also going "thats so true, that does happen", its amazing. His combination of comedic punchlines yet thought provoking topics is honourable to any rapper out there. His flow on that track is crazy too. Mys has more depth to him on that one track, despite it being comedic, that a lot of commercial rappers can express in the entirety of their careers. Man I need to be copping myself a physical copy of Music Mystro, the download just aint the same. You checked his new F.T.D EP yet, Brakes? Gotta reinstall iTunes before I can grab it.
  18. Great work man. Very passionate.
  19. Love this guy, his word play is second to none. Hard to believe he's been around since the late 90's and has never really had a big break. His talent is unquestionable. I like Chipmunk, Tinchy and the such like, but Mys takes it to a whole different level and deserves to be known on a more public basis. Very few rival Twang as the UK's best rapper, but Mystro is right there pushing Taipanic and for me is actually better in certain abilities. When they come together its intense, Half n Half on Twangs Kik Off album is mind boggling.
  20. How many times has Yao Ming been highest vote getter? And how many times has he been deserving of it compared to other players in the league? Granted, its largely dowwn to his Chinese fan base, but votes are votes. The All-Star game is a night for the fans to be entertained, we cant change the history of the voting criteria just because a few that arent as deserving as they once were are getting votes. Its a fan night, and they're who the fans want to see. I'm happy for AI, plus anyone more deserving of the Easts PG slot will be a reserve and play as many minutes anyway. Rondo in most likelihood.
  21. The only thing missing is Birdman saying his Dad could beat up Jigga's Dad. This is school playground beef, Jigga should just tell the teacher Birdman is picking on him and have done with it. Yawn. But if I was to give an opinion on this.... Lil Wayne <<<<< Jigga.... and I wouldnt reject eithers bank account.
  22. I guess the 2009 celebrity death train just kept on rolling into 2010, what the hell is going on? Damn. RIP Teddy.
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