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  1. For complete acting ability, I gave it a hit. I did find it hard to stay awake though :kekeke:
  2. Neither of them was really worth reading. I went with maddblock because his scheme was a little better. Difficult to undertsand anything they said, and really hard to get and understand the flow. Once I got the flow I really wish I hadnt :lolsign:
  3. 32 line max, 16 minimum, 2 days to post. Then we use the poll option for voters. If ya dont know how to do the poll. Brakes, can you do the honours after its over? Much appreciated.
  4. I'll battle you, your first since you challenged.
  5. Thanks for the link Tim. Ive been looking for the Codec for a while, ever since the old one oon my site broke. Thanx :2thumbs:
  6. Never heard the song apart from on the ST website and album and a small part in the movie. I like the was Will sort of perodies FPOBA theme at the begining of his verse. Great song in my opinion. Holla back with the radio answer, I'm curious!
  7. My bad, that was me, forgot to sign :lolsign: Apologies
  8. Yup, a JJFP titled album has to be done. I hear that Sony kept some JJFP tracks off BWS. That doesnt seem fair to me. But you cant deny the success of the album, it's gotta be one of the biggest comeback albums in hip-hop history. Its a dope album, but for me they went a little too mainstream, commercial friendly with it. That may be the reason some of the JJFP tracks did make it. So yeah, even though they are still together regardless of what some think, we as fans need a new JJFP official album. I want it to take us back to the old skool, back in the days when JJFP were the group everyone talked about. The chemistry hasnt changed and it never will, they just need to compose it down onto a new record.
  9. Documentary type status. Very well put together and in some cases it was really funny. The bit about winning the World Cup, that was dope and is probably every boys dream. I'll just be happy for England to win it, we can dream cant we :lolsign: . Much props Kev, very well produced, great job :2thumbs:
  10. My opinion would be, get an unkown rising actress to play the part. Kinda like Thandie Newton for Pursuit. Someone who Will can mentour and bring her best ability out. If I was to pick a recognised actress it would probably be between Rosario Dawson or Regina King. An actress that could blend well with his acting style. Maybe Vivica Fox again as well, they worked well in ID4.
  11. Just listened to it. Dope ya'll, you did a great job. Look forward to the next episode.
  12. :hmm: I'm not to sure about that...... Tell Me Why is giving off the impression of the misery the world is spreading with out any justifiable reason. The song is dope and probably the most worlwide appealing song on the album. It will reach out to anyone, probably even haters. My theory is, the subjects Will approaches are subjects that people have to deal with in every day life. Everyone, regardless of their music opinion, favoured artists or personality, will be touched by the September 11th comments. I think on a global success status it will be successful because of just that, the content of the lyrics and what is included in the lyrics. But in the same light Im not dissing Lost & Found because the message is there and if released, for others, it will kind of signify the victory Will got over 50 Cent at the AMA's. The media will walk all over it as well. They will without fail say that Will has made a record like this to try and prove himself. They may even see it as him starting conflict with other artists because of the way the song is addressed. Best song off the album, but only if your a fan....... But we are all entitled to our opinion and I respect yours......
  13. Found them on this site which gives you the complete rundown. J.J. Fad - "Supersonic" Kool Moe Dee - "Wild, Wild West" LL Cool J - "Going Back To Cali" Salt-N-Pepa - "Push It" Source: http://www.rockonthenet.com/grammy/rapgroup.htm
  14. Not the first time either bro trust..... I've battled this guy about 4 times, and three of which he cheated. Twice using lines for Chamillionaire and once creating multiple accounts so he could vote for himself. We may have made the peace buts its still rolling. To any one else on the board who he may challenge, I wouldnt bother, its a waste of time. He's got as much talent as a dead fish. And you should hear his audios :lolsign: I'll try and find some links....... EDIT: It seems he has deleted the audios, sorry about that. Lets just say I had trouble controlling me bladder motions :lolsign: But this should get locked so no more replies, I just dropped this because Tim had bumped it.
  15. Da Brakes - Its all about Da Brakes Props to you brakes, your one of the best MC's I have heard in the UK :2thumbs:
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