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  1. I totally forgot about the YouTube I made for the family until I clicked on some of those links, haha. Hearing these tracks for the first time in ages feels good, must be amazing to hear them for the first time now.
  2. First track off my new mixtape!!! Singer on the hook is my cousin!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kLnUalrrDEw Da Rebirth ft Gavyn Robinson Life To Live For Produced by Adamack for Shadowville Productions Like, comments and opinions all greatly appreciated!! Appreciate the support from everyone!!
  3. Appreciate the feedback. I get the 'British Eminem' comparisons all the time. Its crazy to hear your name said in the same sentence, but I also want to be known for my own style. Originality is key for me now, the Eminem Mixtape is slowly turning into my version of 'Brake Yourself', lol. It got me quite a lot of promo tho, so I cant complain. Thanks again for the feedback, thank wifey for me too, Visqo.
  4. Newest track. Produced by RyGar and engineered by Preest http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W1sI8f3gbTM As always any feedback is greatly appreciated!
  5. Thanks for the birthday wishes guys, appreciate it. Had a good few days!
  6. Voted today and yesterday! Shared it on Facebook too. Good luck, bro!
  7. Seen her in it? What do you think prompted the remix, man? haha. Thats always the risk with doing remixes, not living up to the original, appreciate the feedback Turn! @ Chris - Will do, man. Appreciate the comment on the page too!
  8. Appreciated man, and cheers for the comment on tha page!
  9. Just some I did in about an hour last night. Let me know what you think! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yPMkGoOKNVY Any feedback on the video page is much apreciated, as always!
  10. What made me laugh was the 'meaningful lyrics' and 'intelligent messages'... and they're about a radio mast and a bird? Made me feel like Ed Lover, "c'mon son" It could have been more creative, I think thats what I'm trying to say
  11. The beats you used are dope... ... other than that, erm.. Speechless!
  12. Ditto, mainly sports, I watched WWE with a purpose for the first time in 7 years Monday night... Finally.... goosebumps when the music hit! Felt like I was 8 again. Apart from that, maybe the odd comedy panel show, or shows like Bear Grylls.
  13. Perfectly put, and just what I was thinking. I wouldnt call whats popular 'hip-hop', its more club music with a rapper on it and I don't truly believe that its the rapper on the song thats making it sell. If it was down to people liking pure hip hop, I'd say Twang and Mystro would be just as popular as Tinchy and so on. But they're not, so I think its boiling down to people liking club music more than the actual rhyming skill. There is a lot of talent out there though, Tinies doing big things, and his content is positive on the most part. But I dont think a pure 'hip hop' artist can come through without having to change their style to more grime/club, coz if it was possible, Twang and Diggi would be more popular, in my opinion.
  14. Didnt think this needed a new thread, so posting it here. I recorded a verse to Drakes part on Whats My Name? Just a quick thing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q98EcLDA-x4 As always, comment, likes, etc appreciated. Hope you like it!
  15. Thanks for the feedback guys, glad you all like it, means a lot! @ Turn - Haha, 3rd verse the clincher? lol. Cheers, man!
  16. New song, tribute to artists who have passed away. Instrument: Tupac - Dear Mama http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oPpVjpvyyW0 Feedback, comments here or on the page all appreciated as always. Let me know what you think. Props to MWDesigns for the cover!
  17. Putting out a song like this, I really don't think numbers or paper are on his mind. We're always saying on here how we want people to put 'real' true to life music out there, rather than following suit to sell records. Then when someone does it, we say 'bad move, wont sell well'. Are we ever sure what we want ourselves? I love it. My favourite artist out there currently.
  18. Best one yet Chris. Keep up the good work. Ravioli shot was great!
  19. A friend of mine and me remixed TI ft Justin Timberlake - Dead & Gone. Let me know what you think! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AqWwbSMPQtg Views, Subcribers and comments on the page are all greatly appreciated!
  20. Appreciate the feedback man. I agree I need to start showing more emotion and personality in my delivery, hopefully that'll come with experience. I always consider myself a writer first, and a rapper second. Not the first person to say it reminds you of a british Eminem. Thanks for checking them out bro.
  21. I have no idea why, but when you do the 'number I-V' thing, it cracks me up, haha. Cool video bro, you def seem to be getting more comfortable with every new upload.
  22. I musta missed this, sorry bro. It was the Eminem Mixtape as you probably guessed. New mixtape this year, started already. Now I feel I've got the hang of recording a little better, heres a new version of Airplanes. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YLBMHO8zwtI and my latest track... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=74FQHz5kyxA
  23. EDIT: Just to add to what Brakes said, if anything, instead of criticising the likes on Em and Jay, you should be partially grateful that they are still selling quality hip hop and not becoming too consumed with gimmicks in their material. Recovery is one of the best things to happen to hip hop in the mainstream for a very long time.
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