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  1. I think his real name is Caleeb. Caleb is Brakes' son :laugh: My E key is broken lol Thats definitley who it is though, he's managed by Overbrook. Been in All of Us, Lakeview Terrace and the Human Contract. Now if only I could spell his name right, haha!
  2. It doesnt make any sense to me that he passed away 2 days later. He was in 80's mode. Going to see this next week.
  3. Why dont we just do the Pick One challenge on NBA.com, thats simple enough, haha!
  4. This is just incredible. The musical journey it take you on is intense. One of the best DJ mixes i have ever heard.
  5. Album cover is crap, she looks like Grace Jones. But shes so fine, I'll let her off. I think her voice is better than ever, hope she does well with the album, she deserves to be talked about for her music alone now, put the whole "beat her down Brown" incident behind her.
  6. Hmmm, is it possible to add links to Wikipedia? It could flood if we had the link to the cause on the pages for Will and JJFP. Aside from that, its still going pretty strong considering we've slowed down on promo.
  7. In the words of Alfonso; "That *beep* was crazy!" Its no coincidence that FP still has contact with everyone else, and Janet doesnt.
  8. Cheers for that Tim, really eased my anticipation, haha! Really cant wait now tho, hearing its potentially "one of the best things Jeffs ever done", is crazy.
  9. Agreed. Dirty Shoulders is the joint, I still play it daily. Jigga needs to give Jeff a call.
  10. COMING SOON! OCTOBER 26th! DJ Jazzy Jeff's highly anticipated Michael Jackson mixtape is almost here! In honor of the late, great Michael Jackson, DJ Jazzy Jeff has paired with UNDRCRWN, a Philadelphia-based clothing company, to release a mixtape entitled, "He's the King...I'm the DJ". The mix is a combination of popular favorites and rare gems from the King of Pop. It takes listeners on a musical journey by opening with slow grooves like "Lady in My Life", followed by a smooth transition into more uptempo favorites. Jeff had even included some of his own EXCLUSIVE REMIXES created especially for the project. Cant wait for this.
  11. Read about this in the Sun, it would be great. It'd smash Boris Johnson's appearance.
  12. Really that good Tim? I'm not sure about getting it because the games became samey over the years. But I've heard nothing but great reviews of the game. I think Imma have to get it just to keep my 1000 streak going on the NBA2K series on the 360, 2K6, 7, 8 and 9 all successfuly achievement whored, haha!
  13. This is an idea I had a while ago, and actually something that was done on WS.com once. We have some great writers on here, and I'm struggling to come to a decision myself, so wanted to see what everyone else thinks. Using strictly lyrics as the voting criteria, who would you rate in the top 3 or 5 (or whatever number) on the forum?
  14. Almost as long as I've been waiting for a Brake Yourself download, care to trade? LOL Nah, audio is coming soon for sure, before the year is out you'll hear something. Just getting the equipment together and then we'll be rolling. Glad you like it guys, means a lot.
  15. Haha AJ, those arent our rap names, thats strictly for this forum, they're our usernames on here LOL Glad you like the lyrics tho man, cheers.
  16. Ok, so we havent posted any lyrics on here for a while. This track was an idea Mac Daddy had, and he wanted me to jump on it as well. Let us know what you think! Title: Live For The Moment Instrumental: Eminem - Sing For The Moment Album: Parental Advisory... Real Hip-Hop Lyrics Written By: Marc Hasemore & Jamie Marchant [Verse #1] - Mac Daddy I was just a little boy when I got my first taste of death My Grandfather passing away, he had breathed his last breath I remember, being woken around three in the morning Being surrounded by my family, everybody was mourning I went over to my Mum, asking her what had happened Looked over, saw Dad looking all depressed and saddened Thats when I got the news that simply tore me to shreds I just broke down in tears, buried my face in my bed My eyes went bright red the second that I heard he was dead Going round in my head, remembering just what she said I fell back to sleep and even thought of him in my dreams Reminiscing of the times we used to spend down the street I awoke in the morning and all I could do was grieve Knowing that one day the same thing could happen to me I knew that time is precious, that I shouldn't waste it away That I should live for the moment until my dying day So come on... [Chorus] Sing with me Sing for the year Sing for the laughter Sing for the tears Sing with me Just for today Maybe tomorrow The good Lord will take you away [Verse #2] - Big Willie I’m confused by the claims of how my life’s in chains How I need to be saved before the tears start to rain Turning showers to floods and the reasons will be explained As to why a conversion is all I need to maintain The healthy thoughts of positivity that would enter my brain Or I’ll burn in hell, he’d book me a seat on the first train I don’t oppose you’re beliefs I just oppose persistence But even now they still try to question my resistance God can save my existence, turn my life to heaven sent But when 9/11 happened, where was ya boy then? I’ve never been in that position and lost a family member And touch wood, it doesn’t happen for a long time either See you could call me recluse, a minority as such I’ve seen stuff happen, I don’t even care to discuss To enclosed on the emotion I could spark my own demise But it made me the person you see before your very eyes So take me for what I am and for the moments that I live Some people have taken more than I was willing to give But tomorrow was never promised, so I continue the steps And just marched right to left before I take my last breath Took notes on board, and lived my life as a jury But felt judged and executed before I’d even told my story Not to be silenced I became taller whilst horizontal Use these lyrics as a promo and publish a rhyme novel Taught myself you don’t know what you have until its gone And wrote this song for each and everyone to sing along Took carpe diem, to seize the pleasures of today And chose to live for the moment before it’s taken away So come on... [Chorus] [Verse #3] - Mac Daddy I've had my fair share of bad times and depression Experiencing hurt seemed to become an obsession Spending years of my life with many tears in my eyes So many things on my mind that I just couldn't refine Being bullied at school had put me off it for years The thought of going again became one of my fears I felt alone at these times, I wouldn't let no-one in I kept it all to myself, I wouldn't even tell friends But I eventually cracked and I just let it all out And I immediately felt a sense of freedom throughout I started facing my demons and got my confidence back Putting the hurt to good use, to help me write on this track I left the past in the past and looked ahead to the future Got my grades back in school and I became a producer Started working with Jay to bring back real hip-hop Created Da Rebirth, hoping to go to the top Got support from my family, they're so important to me And I can't thank them enough, they gave strength to be free Now I'm starting a new chapter in this story I've told And right now I'm so excited at what the future will hold So now you know my story, I've opened up to the World And I'm proud of the fact that I have stayed true to myself And If there's one single thing that I have learned from my past It's to live for the moment like every day is your last So come on... [Chorus] [Chorus Without Beat] [instrumental] © Da Rebirth 2009 PS: If you havent already, please become a fan @ http://www.facebook.com/darebirthonline AUDIO COMING SOON!
  17. Its just a bit of fun, not everything needs to be fine tooth combed.
  18. The cause is still going quite strong, especially considering we havent be doing much promo lately.
  19. Wow, good... disturbing question. I can't see this being a good idea though. Disturbing, but you're intrigued to know arent you?
  20. Hmmm, I wonder if the carpet matches the drapes!
  21. Not surprising he got out of Renault at the earliest opportunit is it really, considering? LOL Alonso in a Ferarri, Hamilton is a competitive McLaren... oh yes, 2010 is gonna be great. Be great to see these 2 fight it out without the toys being thrown out the pram scenerios of being teammates. The 2 best drivers in the field by a clear margin for me. I dunno about you dude, but this season has been pretty, well, crap IMO. It's been pretty much over since Turkey, with just a few decent drives here and there from the 4 leading drivers. Problem, is, the best drivers havent been in competitive cars all year, so sub standard drivers are leading the way. LH, FA and Kimi are proving the best drivers dont need the best cars to win or get great results. Unfortunatley, the Brawns and Red Bulls havent been doing the same. Roll on 2010 - Hamilton v Alonso... battle rejoined... cant wait.
  22. Its there on mine. You should have a "See Extended Info" drop down, its behind that.
  23. Heres another link to hit, on his facebook page theres a discussion going on about it. I've added the link, but I've pretty much reached my limit for personal messages today, so if anyone wants to do this, it should be quite successful. http://www.facebook.com/inbox/?ref=mb#/topic.php?topic=7558&post=57395&uid=92304305160#post57395
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