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  1. Ok so, i've got the blocked message again, so Imma cool off the messages for a while. http://www.facebook.com/home.php?ref=home#/pages/Dj-Jazzy-Jeff-Fresh-Prince/53836304112?v=wall&ref=nf We should def hit the fans on here. Guaranteed they like his music there. BTW, with the groups, if you send the creator a message, if they are interested, maybe they can send a group update to everyone in the group with one message, rather than us doing them individually.
  2. Yeah, I got blocked the other day sending messages about the cause LOL I think it doing so many in a short amount of time that does it. I'll do the Parents... video. Post a comment in the actual chat on the video as well.
  3. This is definitly a group to hit: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=8273244529&ref=ts I've just been sending this message to them all...
  4. Sending them individually is the best way, coz you go right to the person, whereas if you just make a post they only see it if they check the page. I dunno about anyone else, but I rarely click a link or check a group I'm a member of. I've had about 9 people join (even tho it only says ive recruited 7, it should be about 15 :mmph: ) of the 12 messages I've sent and thats just a few groups. If we target the music fans on his page, we could easily increase the numbers. The Allhiphop post is getting a good reception, shame most people arent actually joining the cause tho. Some have, and every little helps.
  5. Cool, good job BW! I'll do it. Cool dude, just space out the time period between messages so you dont join the elite blocked group LOL
  6. People seem supportive of it over there! Its very clear they want Jazzy on board tho! Yeah, maybe we should change the title to "Will Smith/JJFP Should Make A New Album". You'd have the more popular name in Will Smith, but still get the love from the old hip hop heads for prompting a JJFP album. Just a suggestion. Like Brakes said, the hip hop community seem to want Jeff on board before they support it 100%.
  7. I've been searching Facebook and theres already a few groups about a new WS/JJFP album. So I've started sending messages to the members to get them to join. However, I've done so many in a short amount of time that Facebook has blocked me from sending messages LOL So if anyone else wants to carry on with that, it has been working.
  8. Made a thread on Allhiphop.com. http://community.allhiphop.com/go/thread/view/12461/20165253/Should_Will_Smith_Make_A_New_Album?sdb=1
  9. When I watched the final of X-Factor, her performance with Bey gave me goosebumps. It was incredible. Still, I'd probably take Leona's vocals over hers, however, I do kinda see Leona as a one trick ballad pony. Whereas Alexandra is much more versatile with the genre and styles she can perform. Leona would never convince me if/when she performed a party track, but with Alex you buy every performance equally. Total package. Eagerly anticipating her album.
  10. I love this. Affion's is that dude :pound:
  11. I liked how some people we're saying they dont like Lupe because he makes music for nerds :pound: Like it's his faults their brains cant process his subject matter. :laugh:
  12. Romano OK'd me uploading his video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OzOSTQC3rOE Lets see what the response is like from the subscribers!
  13. I think we should also go to the most viewed WS/JJFP music videos on YouTube and post the link in a comment. It'll be spamming, but screw it LOL I'll get cracking on some tomorrow, and upload Romano's video to my page as well, once I have his permission. Also if anyone has a WS/JJFP related video, add the link Brakes posted in the description and add an annotation about it to the video.
  14. 200 fans in less than 3 days is good. Anyone started posting outside of Facebook yet? Allhiphop.com is a must, huge amount of FP respect over there.
  15. Cool video, with Romano's permission, I'll upload it to my account. I think it'll be quite effective, I get tons of messages asking if its really WS using the page LOL
  16. We're definitly gonna have to go outside of the forum and facebook to get the kinda numbers we want. I have a YouTube account with lots of Will videos with 350 subscribers. If someone wants to put a promo type video together, I'll upload it at the feature video on the page. http://www.youtube.com/user/TheSmithFamilySite
  17. that's the british way, huh? :laugh: Which part? :laugh:
  18. Call the group "I will name my son Spiderman if this group gets 500,000 members", then just change the name and info when you have enough. I think this is all a bit of a desperate reach, but i'll join anywany.
  19. Agreed. I dont see how anyone could say MJ is arrogant because of this speech. Arrogance for me is defined by someone assuming they are superior without evidence or facts to back up their claim. Im my opinion, MJ isnt arrogant, he's just extremely proud of what he has achieved, and that is totally justified.
  20. I like Hancock, didnt think it was great, didnt think it was terrible, just good entertainment. Thats all I want from a movie.
  21. 2 people out of the millions *and millions* (sorry had a flasback of the Rock in the WWF) of people Will is associated with have said things that could taint his clean image. I'll take those odds. And I still maintain, its funny that every other member of the cast are still close friends with Will, yet Janet is a loner in those terms. Quite frankly, she should just get over it.
  22. Gotta be the most epic fail we've had on here, thank you Visqo :pound:
  23. You dug the whole with the Leona comment, ya jumped in with the above quote LOL The songs called Diamonds from Sierra Leone, the vocals are a Shirley Bassey sample from her song Diamonds Are Forever. Back to the topic; Love Leona, best singer in years for vocals alone. But Alexandra Burke, like Brakes says, has it all.
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