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  1. will has a dj in the background there 2..wonder who that is
  2. :eek4: :eek4: :eek4: :eek4: [url="http://extratv.warnerbros.com/dailynews/extra/0404/04_15c.html"]http://extratv.warnerbros.com/dailynews/ex...404/04_15c.html[/url] While visiting The Sunset Room, we found Will Smith gettin' jiggy with it as he rapped from the stage to a standing-room crowd of clubbers check out the clip..will is rapping live on stage at sum club ..last night!!! so u only see 5 seconds but its still good 2 see will up on stage with a mic
  3. yeah the thing about skits is they are good the first few listens but after that you just gotta skip them all the time
  4. thanx for that..lookin good..starting to get excited about this movie
  5. from alex proyas on his msg brd [color=red]It's actually pretty hard cutting a trailer for a movie like this when so much of it is still incomplete. We have upwards of 900 vfx shots and when one of the main characters is CG it's hard to come up with enough shots at an early stage for trailers. I hated the first trailer more than anyone - it did not accurately represent the tone of the film. The new trailer is far closer to the actual flavor of the movie but is still as far as I'm concerned just scratching the surface. There will be 2 more trailers leading up to release that will give you all a pretty good insight into what the finished film will be like. Hang in there and keep letting me know your thoughts.[/color]
  6. what about when hillary goes to a fetilitity clinic and jazz is pretending to be a doctor there :bowrofl: :bowrofl: :bowrofl:
  7. dont like it..and skip it most times during willennium
  8. some guy on the old brd said he went up to a girl and went "woof woof" like will and was surprised when she didnt get with him
  9. [quote=TopDawg14,Apr 14 2004, 01:28 AM][quote=FrshPrnceCharmng,Apr 14 2004, 01:45 AM] There was the time Will and Jeff were on a gameshow and were beating the crap out of each other in the sound proof booth until Jazz hurt his eye and then they made up. A Kodak moment.[/quote] That was one of my favorite Jazz scenes but my #1 episode is when Will hired Jazz to be a fake priest to marry Will and Kim Fields so Will could have sex with her that night. That was a hilarious episode. My favorite line is when Jeff says, "I've never known the pleasures of the flesh but I'd be convinced to give up the priesthood for you." :bowrofl: [/quote] damn man they've never shown that episode in australia..sounds hilarious..what series was it in?
  10. now this is what im talking about the first trailer was very summer blockbusterish with sum weak gags thrown in.. but this trailer shows it is a very serious movie and real dramatic for Will :eek4: :eek4: i love it :peace: :peace: :peace:
  11. New I, Robot trailer online! 20th Century Fox has launched a new trailer for I, Robot, opening July 16 in North American theatres. It is now available for viewing at Coming Soon! The sci-fi thriller stars Will Smith, and was brought to the big screen by director Alex Proyas (Dark City, The Crow) based on the classic Robot stories by the late Isaac Asimov. The film takes place in the year 2035, when robots have become a norm – a necessity even – in every household. Smith plays a slightly paranoid detective investigating what may prove to be the first crime perpetrated by a robot. [url="http://www.comingsoon.net/movies/i/irobot.php"]http://www.comingsoon.net/movies/i/irobot.php[/url]
  12. [quote=lambertj3,Apr 12 2004, 02:28 AM]TUPAC IS FOREVER #1 AND ICE CUBE IS FOREVER #2[/quote] tupac sold 6 million albums when he was alive and 30 million after he was dead.. there is something wrong with that :poke:
  13. what about when jazz hires a guy for will to beat up at the peacock
  14. big willie style is a good album for what it is..which was will doing what was hot at the time..will was coming back out after 4 years..he wasnt sure if his music would be commercially successful etc..so we had columbia/sony controlling things more.. ghostwriters..like nas writing raps with will cutting off rhymes very short..flashy raps abt how good u are etc..and trackmasterz who were very hot at the time..and part of sonys stable..simply sampling classic songs from the 80s...they produced most of the album.. now willennium was completely fresh prince in every sense... sure he included will2k/freakin it and da butta to please sony and his bws fans... but that album is for the jjfp hype fan no doubt..
  15. big willie style is rubbish filled with horrible ripped off beats with no originality and will rapping way 2 much abt his money cars fame etc... willennium is a hip hop classic filled with great ol skool raps..and some of the best music ever in a rap album :hyper: :hyper:
  16. i also like the bit at the end of that episode where jeff stuffs up his line and will clowns him on it
  17. i love the one where jazz has a cardboard cutout of bill cosby
  18. [color=red]Livin lovin, lovin livin, it's all good I'm lovin livin, it's all good (la di da di da)[/color] this is one of my fav will choruses ever... and its all good probably ties with im all that as favorite song of wills to rap along to... its all good pop the bubbly... and im off :dancingcool: :dancingcool: i also love when the female vocals come in.. and jeffs scratches at the end.. shoulda been louder though! and 1 other question.. what is will yellin out in the background at the end? i can never make that out...
  19. go to ebay.com do a search for jazzy jeff..and you will find all there albums for only a few dollars or less
  20. one of the funniest things i saw was mtvs greatest music video artists or sumthin..and they had michael jackson at 14 and eminem dr dre and 50 cent at 2 3 and 4.. which shoed its an absolute joke and they'll just choose whoevers hot at the time..who will be no1 in 5 years..still its good that JJFP was up there... the UK has the most respect for jjfp i think
  21. if u buy this album from sandboxautomatic.com u get a free vhs music video..im guessin it would be rock wit u
  22. yep.. i think i know who this reviewer was 2...
  23. uncle phill first you have to click on "register"
  24. The Magnificent Jazzy Jeff @ Prince Of Wales, Melbourne (10/10/03) Reported on Monday, Oct 13, 2003. 20:57 by MzRizk -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I heard rumors that Jazzy Jeff was coming down under a few months ago, so I always researched the details- is it true? When? Where? And then I saw the advertisements and my heart began racing. It was true- Jazzy Jeff “the Magnificent” with MC’s Pauly Yams & V will be coming down under on October the 10th thanks to Agent Mad. Most people associate Jazzy Jeff with Will Smith whether it be from the show “French Prince of Bel Air” or their hit single “Boom Shake The Room. Since then Jazzy has come a long way with his skills on the “ one and two’s” and production on his records label “A Touch Of Jazz”. I associate Jazzy with the above also however I know him mostly for finding Nu Soul queen “Jill Scott”. And for that reason alone I see Jazzy Jeff as a legend! When the time came to see Jazzy I was very excited. I entered the Prince and there were a lot of people close to the bars and not on the dance floor. The crowd was very mixed and very relaxed. Beer was the choice beverage for most. J-Red was scratching away as I secured my usual spot- right at the front. Playing a mix of hip-hop, beats and old school- he is always having fun on the decks, which reflects on the crowd! It is always a pleasure to see J-Red, his skills are just brilliant. Jazzy Jeff then came on the stage and everyone in crowd pushed forward onto the dance floor. I looked behind me and the room was comfortably full. Pauly Yams and V had a mic each and stood opposite each other on the stage while Jazzy was in the middle. Pauly explained to us that Jazzy will be playing a number of different styles of music and that we are there to party. He got the party started and was in control of the MC’ing mostly. I was waiting to see what skills V had- and once he started everyone was amazed. V had a beautiful voice on the mic. He didn’t freestyle, he sang. They sung/rapped to some of Jazzy’s beats. With one song that seemed to inspire the entire crowd with the V singing “Do what you love and love what you do”. The whole crowd concentrated and slightly mesmerized. It was an unforgettable moment. Jazzy then began playing well-known hits that included, Crazy In Love, Breathe n Stop, Like I love You –this shocked most people in the room-, ante up and the next episode. His skills on the “ones and twos” are unbelievable. He was beat juggling so naturally I don’t think he needs to concentrate on where the record is or if it will be on time. Pauly Yams then announced a game where Jazzy Jeff will play a song that has an old school sample after playing the track it came from. The most memorable being Hypnotize by Biggie. He also gave respects to Jam Master Jay. Pauly Yams then asked for all the breakers to start breakin’ so the whole room ended up in a circle watching the Melbourne talent. Jazzy played for over two hours and people were slowly leaving once it hit 2.30. He continued playing for almost an hour till he stopped and Pauly Yams announced that he could no longer play because the mixer is broke. Everyone grunted and kept yelling “more, we want more, jazzy, jazzy”, Pauly tried to calm the crowd down but it wouldn’t work until he said “go on Jazz if you cant play no more at least talk to ‘em.” So then Jazzy got on the mic and shared a few words apologizing about the mixer and that he could play another 5 hours, which was really nice. He thanked us, turned around to pack his things and then the crowd started chanting, “more we want more, we want more”. Jazzy then said went back into the mic and said, “you all obviously don’t believe me so I’m going to show you this mixer.” He unplugged it and lifted it up, the crowd could see that the cross fader wasn’t there anymore except for a little bit of metal sticking out. At that stage we knew it was all over. Most people left except for those that wanted vinyl and flyers signed. He is also a really nice guy and so were Pauly Yams and V, which made the night even better. Brilliant everything well except for the mixer.
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