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  1. Hi Saniah - thanks for checking in. I hope you & your grandfather, Ready Rock C are doing well. He is a pivotal part of hip-hop history. Hopefully you can see each other soon.
  2. Well we have had nothing on that Will Smith phone number for a month so I am a little confused.. I'm hoping we find out more when Will starts promoting Bad Boys 4!
  3. It’s gonna be straight hip hop Jim but more modern hip hop like Joyner Lucas and the Will remix not old school hip hop. I’m curious what the tracks will sound like I’m thinking probably like the Will remix.
  4. Joyner Lucas says it is a lot more serious and Will swears on the new album. Sounds like it’s more for the streets. Also J Balvin says he has heard the album and wants to be on it. To be honest I’d prefer this over the Latino vibes or dance music like Get Lit Will was doing about 6 years ago. This sounds like a hip hop album. Of course no involvement from Jeff I always find bizarre.
  5. Looks like we have a new Will Smith album coming called, "Dance in your Darkest Moments." Omar who does Will's music is using the hashtag #danceinyourdarkestmoments , Will has a new phone number you can sign up to get updates, similar to the old JJFP hotline which will probably alert you to the drop. <- Also Will has changed his Instagram profile to this pic - which has also been updated in WIll's Spotify. Also Joyner Lucas has been talking about the music Will has been doing saying he's been sitting on it waiting for the right temperature to release it and for all of Will's people to be on board. Looks like things have been set in motion. I suspect it will be released close to Bad Boys 4 coming out.
  6. Looks like we have a new album coming called Dance in your darkest moments.
  7. Great performance!! Loved brand new funk and ending the concert with summertime is pretty special considering JJFP never really got their dues.
  8. This looks dope - it's going to be on CBS and Paramount Plus in December! I'm sure they did Brand New Funk & Summertime!
  9. Will is working on a new album and Joyner is on it. Stay tuned.
  10. This was very disappointing, Bad Boys hadn't started filming so ?uestlove's excuse doesn't stack up. Besides that the performance was amazing until it got to the post 2000s and mumble rap.
  11. He needs to come out and address it we need to hear from Will - the statement just didn’t cut it. Not saying anything on camera is not helping at all. It’s bad PR in my book. Time isn’t the issue whenever we finally see Will he is going to have to talk about it - so saying nothing is really achieving nothing.
  12. Good idea man - I've consolidated the forums.
  13. Yeah I don’t think there’s a more iconic shot than that dolly around Will and Martin.
  14. I’m curious how this is gonna turn out. It’s gonna be hard to live up to that first album.
  15. I’ve finished the season - I enjoyed it. My fav characters are Hillary, Jazz and Aunt Viv in the new version. It will be interesting to see what storyline’s they have for season 2.
  16. Yeah it would make sense while he no longer has any new movies to do to get straight back into the recording studio.
  17. Yeah I don’t think it’s racism but they don’t have a good record when you look at some of the things other people have done.
  18. I don’t agree with that but it is a good track.
  19. “He feels terrible and is trying not to panic, but seeing his roles put on ice has been a hugely bitter pill to swallow,” a source exclusively tells Us Weekly. According to the insider, “His biggest fear is that he’s in the process of being fully canceled, and there’s nothing he can really do about it except sit back, suck up his punishment like a man and try to atone however he can.” source: https://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/news/will-smith-is-worried-about-being-fully-canceled-after-oscars-slap/
  20. I definitely feel like the huge momentum to cancel Will has really gone overboard and there is starting to be some pushback from the fans. I'm sure Will is gonna come back from this. Just hope he is getting the help he needs.
  21. Thanks for letting us know!
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