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  1. another freestyle battle yall just a bunch of sheep ya heard like cattle follow the same old down the same road the same rhymes afraid to step out of line frightened scared ya gonna miss this opportunity but im prepared to risk ish insist on the intrinsic linguistics that instantly impress and in fairness not even an heiress could inherit my fortune of ingenious mind mettle that invade ya brain and wrestle with your thoughts before you have to settle on the only conclusion hero1 ya choosin the man thats infusin fear in the weak minds of silly saps eat themselves alive own worst enemies result in silly raps destined for a battle bruising already accepted that you step to me you walk away losing stuck stuttering and fluttering in a daze got the judges snoozin while im cruisin to the final like ya favorite idol cowell even predicting the claiming of my rightful title and gotta give the man props for being so inciteful as i close in suddenly like nightfall a nocturnal animal black so far ahead of the competion y'all trying to impose a handicap
  2. yeah but they didnt release somethin like dis.. the song most ppl heard from the album was boom shake the room.. so they thought oh the album must be full of pop-rap stuff so the hip hop heads woulda stayed away from it... :drink:
  3. every1 u can post your raps now
  4. oh man i finally got to see a clip of the Things That U Do video @ MTV [url="http://www.mtv.com/search/searchvideoresults.jhtml?searchterm=jazzy+jeff&searchtype=video&searchsource=default"]http://www.mtv.com/search/searchvideoresul...hsource=default[/url] it looked absolutely hilarious :bowrofl: :bowrofl: :bowrofl: :bowrofl: i really gotta get a full version of this on tape...
  5. Hello! Thank you for your e-mail regarding future Warner Bros. DVD releases. Unfortunately, Warner Bros. Online Customer Service does not have exact release dates, nor do we know when a certain DVD will be released in various countries or formats. Warner Bros. Online Customer Service also has no information as to why certain films or TV shows have not been released on DVD. Warner Bros. values your input and opinions. Your requests for specific movies, TV shows and features have been noted. To find out about current movies and upcoming movies and DVD releases, you can sign up for the WB Reel News at: [url="http://www.wbreelnews.com/c/e/h2/was/0541/form.jsp?tr="]http://www.wbreelnews.com/c/e/h2/was/0541/form.jsp?tr=[/url] Again, we thank you for your interest in Warner Bros. movies and TV shows! Sincerely, Customer Service Warner Bros. Online www.warnerbros.com :cussing: :cussing: :cussing: :cussing: :cussing:
  6. Willis stays away from 'Jersey' March 15, 2004 BY CINDY PEARLMAN Advertisement Guess he really isn't up for moonlighting anymore. That's why Bruce Willis didn't even return director Kevin Smith's phone calls when it came to making a cameo in "Jersey Girl." Smith needed an A-list star to play himself -- and part of the plot includes a publicist played by Ben Affleck saying something about him that isn't very nice. Smith first went to Willis figuring that he's a Jersey guy at heart still. "Originally, I wrote the role for Bruce Willis, and offered it to him, but there was only one problem. I never heard back from Bruce Willis. "So, I said to Ben, 'Why don't you try to contact Willis.' Ben was like, 'I can because I know him because we [starred together in] 'Armageddon.' " But even Ben couldn't get through. "Bruce didn't call him back either," Smith marvels. Finally, one month shy of filming, Smith offered the role to Will Smith. "It worked because Will was the Fresh Prince and rapping. ...And he was in 'Bad Boy,' but I always knew him as DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince," Smith said. Big Picture News Inc.
  7. i thought im looking for the one was the perfect 2nd single..maybe they should have done a flashy-er video.. i wanna rock i would never think of that as a single..but jive gets respect for releasing a dope hip hop track sumthin sony would never do.. i think a lot of hip hop fans who would have bought this album and liked it were turned off by boom!
  8. u dont have to register... put your mouse over the "@" image..and upload picture comes up.. select that..and then u just choose which album u wanna put the picture in..and upload it
  9. [quote=DevilsJim89,Mar 15 2004, 02:36 PM]so does anyone else here think Jive/BMG screwed Code Red up? read above?[/quote] i thought jive did a brilliant job on code red!! they got the artwork..new skool look of jjfp down right..they released 3 singles and 3 videos! to an album that wasnt selling all that well.. and they promoted it!
  10. [quote=Prince,Mar 15 2004, 03:57 PM]What program you recommend using to listen to these?[/quote] windows media player...
  11. there was a recent chat held with warner bros home video and this question was asked <JimBeaver> Brimstone is my favourite show and also the one I really want on DVD what are the plans for it? Also what's in the works for Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Mad TV, Alf, Run of the House, Bucky O'Hare, Fish Police, ThunderCats and Xiaolin Showdown? <warnerbros> MAD TV and FRESH PRINCE are in discussion. No plans for any of the others at the moment. well i guess atleast fresh prince is in discussion... and we now know that warner bros home video are the ones we need to harass to get this released...
  12. [quote=detroit butcher,Mar 15 2004, 01:20 AM]I Wanna Rock. No contest. The flyest lyrics and flow, over a live band and jeff gettin wreck on the wheels. When they slow it down, I almost lose my damn mind![/quote] hey good to see you post man :peace: did you ever see them perform i wanna rock on the 94 american music awards? now that is dope! i think jazzy jeffs vibe remix of i wanna rock is probably the best pure hip hop track jjfp has ever done...
  13. look has jeff got the dogtags now like will? [img]http://www.bbc.co.uk/1xtra/wmc/gallery/stars/big_4.jpg[/img]
  14. if any1 has any jjfp, jazzy jeff or will smith pictures.. u can upload them to this gallery... [url="http://jazzyjefffreshprince.com/gallery/"]http://jazzyjefffreshprince.com/gallery/[/url]
  15. hey here it is.. its only streaming..so you can play it but you cant download it.. I think thats fair and its only for the members [url="http://www.jazzyjefffreshprince.com/hollaback.wax"]Will Smith - Holla Back[/url] :grouphug: enjoy
  16. [quote=TopDawg14,Mar 13 2004, 03:21 AM]O.K. Someone needs to do a poll or something to determine the best FPOBA of all-time. Everyone has some good posts about favorite episodes so we should just get a top 10 list and then vote on them.[/quote] why dont we get a shortlist of every1s favorites..nominate your best episodes..maybe 5 each.. and then we can narrow it down from there.. its a good idea..then i could put the list up on the site...
  17. i think thats the best way to do it when you gotta get 4 from 10
  18. uh ohh.. 1st corny line on the new forum :boxing: :dink:
  19. underground hip hop..and sum soul music..and lots of different stuff.. 2 many artists 2 mention i guess..
  20. thats the list i did..thats how i rate the traxs from 1 to 100..do you think jiggy wit it should have been higher? i based it on quality not how successful the track was
  21. done..now u got the smilies on the left..and when u click show all theres a whole heap more
  22. hey stecki havent u heard down with the king with run dmc?
  23. hey check my post over at jeffs board.. [url="http://www.djjazzyjeff.com/messageboard/Default.asp?sub=show&action=posts&fid=1&tid=667"]http://www.djjazzyjeff.com/messageboard/De...s&fid=1&tid=667[/url]
  24. "damn..whens our album coming out...." - Tone
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