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  1. [quote=badboys,Apr 20 2004, 05:04 PM][quote=FrshPrnceCharmng,Apr 20 2004, 04:19 PM] I still need to see Mutumbo reject a shot and then do that little "Not in my House" finger wag. How many years has he been in the league?[/quote] Mutombo has been in the NBA since 91', so that would make it 13 years.... Just thought id answer ur question... [/quote] ive had a mutombo hat for a good 10 years+ :rock: :rock: :rock:
  2. yeah biz markies just a friend is another great one with the barry white impression what was the childrens story video like? i've never seen that i also gotta add the roots what they do video ..absolutely hilarious! and a tribe called quests can i kick it!! :bowrofl: :bowrofl:
  3. nicely said julie i agree :rock: :rock: and a lot of those haters are alex has had nothin but good things 2 say abt will so its all good :biggrin:
  4. will needs to leave a few months between last first kiss and this next movie..so that will and jeff can record that jazzy jeff and fresh prince album.. but wills still making music now so i dont care how many movies hes doin..if hes still recordin music im happy...he just needs to release it!! :cussing:
  5. besides the jjfp ones what do you think are some of the funniest rap music videos? mine would be skee lo - i wish run dmc - mary mary
  6. DJ Jazzy Jeff Hip-Hop Forever II (BBE/Rapstar) Whenever you get East Coast producers as hot as DJ Premier, Large Professor, Pete Rock and the The Rza on one album, you know it’s going to be tight; hardcore, hip-hop in the purest contemporary sense. This album is loaded with real classic New York and Philly hip-hop from the early ’90s to today. Several of these tracks – Raekwon’s Ice Cream, Blahzay Blahzay’s Danger, O.C.’s Time’s Up, Gang Starr’s Words I Manifest, Electric Relaxation by A Tribe Called Quest and Live At The Bar-B-Q by Main Source – are endorsed by hip-hop connoisseurs as certified, underground hallmarks. These are the tracks that modernised hip-hop, bringing a richer, fuller sound to the table with more musicality and seductive basslines, and a greater lyrical depth to the microphone. For anyone who’s a fan of solid East Coast hip hop, this pretty much says it all. 4.5/5
  7. i think hieroglyphics, tribe called quest, de la soul, main source, masta ace, poor righteous teachers, diamond d, brand nubian, pharcyde, & co need to get there props a lot of them are underrated
  8. [quote=MIX PROFESSOR,Apr 20 2004, 06:54 PM] :eek4: -ARE YOU SURE IT CAME OUT TODAY BECAUSE I WENT TO ABOUT 4 STORES AND IT WAS NOT ON THE SHELVES . I HOPE THIS SAINT ANOTHER SHAM?? MIX PROFESSOR[/quote] hey mix professor bbe aint very good at distribution and there has been very little promotion for this album... i think your best bet is to order it online.. im gonna get the limited edition from amazon.com for those that dont know..jazzy jeff has a new mix cd coming out today..where he scratches and cuts up a variety of hip hop traxs..if any1 has heard the vibe im on..they know this is a must get
  9. nice collection stecki... i made the top few forums available to guests..so they can view and post...
  10. give us your reviews in this post :peace:
  11. [quote=Guest_guest,Apr 19 2004, 01:57 PM]so Will's not "keeping it real" for using his real name which happens to be... Will Smith? Please. U guys need to stop being so critical and let will do his thing. And the moniker Fresh Prince is so 80's. Get with the times people[/quote] so you prefer him calling himself "Big Will" thats so corny .. id take fresh prince from the 80s over that any day :poke:
  12. i think one of the problems with wills stuff on columbia was they didnt seperate the movie star from the music star... i think all his music even if its solo should come under "fresh prince" and if its movies then will smith... i think then people know fresh prince the emcee is comin at ya.. there definitely needs to be somethin so that people dont think its just some big hollywood star doing music... and all music being labelled fresh prince is the way 2 go..
  13. [quote=Jazzy Julie,Apr 16 2004, 11:42 AM][quote=fan 4ever,Apr 16 2004, 07:16 AM] did u notice too that he was wearing his fresh prince necklace that has the diamonds in it, how cool is that![/quote] wow didnt notice that he actually bought that in 87..and paid it off by 88 wore it in the so fresh video and will2k i think :rock:
  14. as fp said your back like jason but if your out 2 long people start erasin ya from ya mind forget ya rhyme but im there 4 ya dawg whether right or wrong standing strong flippin verses without no curses im certain to deter men when i step to the scene people envy me then turn to green but inevitably congratulate me for my heroic actions slapping sanctions trapping bastions come see these rapping champions meandering through these historic parts giving young rappers starts in the game and there quest for fame but its clear they'll never supass the master keep em in check from a rapping disaster and outlast the friends or foes with these wicked flows goes to show you need longevity if you got any chance of stepping to me with a rhyming raid on the rhyming stage where few get paid but no time to break or come with ya hate my abilities inate so bask in my glory its the same old story slow and steady wins the race my raps keep a steady pace so get off the case look joe i know its been a while but this right here was a TRUE freestyle
  15. the roots have produced far better albums than 50 cent or eminem ever will..essaywhuman!!!
  16. Mr Smith, I Presume? Will Smith to play Harvard explorer 16 April 2004 Having recently fought off alien invaders in Men In Black 2, and set to combat murderous robots this summer in I, Robot, Will Smith is probably long overdue a holiday someplace exotic – in the jungle, say, or in the fresh air of Greenland. No doubt with that in mind, the former Fresh Prince has signed on for a biopic of Dr S. Allen Counter, a Harvard neuroscience professor and professional explorer who has worked in the Arctic, the Andes, the Amazon and Egypt. The film is described as "an adventure romance based on Counter's explorations" which confirms our immediate suspicion that the focus of the story will not be on Dr Counter winning his truly awe-inspiring list of qualifications. There is no word yet as to when filming is expected to begin, but given Will Smith's busy schedule that is hardly a surprise. As well as beginning promotional duties for I, Robot, Will is still finishing voice work as the central character in Shark Tale and is filming The Last First Kiss, where he plays a matchmaker who must pair off an undercover journalist intent on exposing him as a fraud. Something of a change of pace for the man who spent his last film demolishing most of Miami, but we're sure Smith can pull it off.
  17. everyone has to watch the skit "turn my headphones up" basically every rapper does these intros to tracks.."turn my headphones up..etc etc" but this guy does it .. 4 real ..cause hes deaf in 1 ear!! funniest thing i seen this year u can see it on the site the clips labelled fisticuff
  18. i think if will and jeff did a jazzy jeff and fresh prince record that could definitely be released on an indie label.. think about it jeff was on an indie label and they released 5 singles will was on a major label like sony and they only released one single.. i just want the album out really whatever way will does it..
  19. [quote=fan 4ever,Apr 16 2004, 01:16 AM]i don't know why y'all are so hyped about this...you see Will 4 like 5 seconds..[/quote] thats not the point its the fact that will is still rapping live.. which means maybe we are closer to hearing some newer material than we think
  20. another classic jazzy jeff & fresh prince album, December 11, 1999 Reviewer: Tim Price from melbourne, australia the last jazzy jeff & fresh prince album was 1993's code red..jazz produced a couple of tracks on big willie style but they have joined forces again to usher in the willennium...jazzy jeff produces 9 of the 15 tracks...and there are 2 str8 up ol skool jazzy jeff & fresh prince tracks, "so fresh" and "pump me up" on the album...if you forget the two wack trackmaster pop tracks will2k and freakin it included for the 5-12 year olds (big willie style fans) this is a great album 2 buy for all those ol skool hip hop heads..wills lyrics are on point(with some help from common) and jazzy jeff has stepped up his production..
  21. yeah looks like thats biz markie with will on the left beat boxing for him
  22. The Sunset Room. Will Smith and Bruce Willis are among the Hollywood elite who invested in this elegant supper club and lounge in the heart of Hollywood, where Executive Chef Andrew Pastore, formerly of legendary Michael's in Santa Monica, offers his take on American cuisine.
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